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Who lived in Burlington Street?
published by Pat Hase on Fri, 11/10/2019 - 13:02

I've been looking at the people who lived in Burlington Street, Weston-super-Mare over the years. This is in preparation for a talk I hope to give to the Society next year.   Names such as VOWLES, PRIDDLE, ADDICOTT, WINDEATT, LORING, GIDDINGS, SPOONER etc. etc. including of course the PAYNE family. of Clara's cottage fame. If any of your families lived there at any time please can you share your information and any photos you may have. Thank you. As before please do not give details of living people without their permission.

I posted this on the Facebook Group because I thought that more of them might have Weston connections and have had some useful replies - some privately and two on the Group but I would value any help you can give.

It is sometimes difficult to identify exactly where people lived.  The house numbers changed in about 1908 and Street Directories and Censuses do not always agree.  Sometimes Poplar Place (next to the Chapel) is numbered as if it was a continuation of Burlington Street and where the Museum now stand were variously called Mews.   We have electoral rolls for the more recent years - but all of these are only correct on the day the information was collected.

Know your Place provided a map from about 1884 which shows the buildings on the south side of Burlington Street before the Gas Co took over. Clara's Cottage is next but one to the Chapel. It's all highlighting the problems in identifying exactly where an ancestor lived but what is interesting is the different lives being led by the residents.  I hope that our members will be able to add some detail to my research.  Thank you.

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Submitted by Eddie Prest on Tue, 15/10/2019 - 14:44

You can see on the other side of Burlington Street the gardens of Meadow Villas. My great grandfather, Alexander Pike, lived at number 6, with his wife, his brother and wife, and his widowed mother when they first moved to WsM. They later moved to Rose Lawn in Walliscote Grove Road, having bought it from Hans Fowler Price no less. Rose Lawn has most recently been the home of the Citizens Advice Bureau, and now sadly is empty and looking quite sad

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Submitted by Pat Hase on Thu, 17/10/2019 - 0:36

Thanks you for your comments Eddie.  Meadow Villas had some very interesting residents over the years.  In 1881 Henry BUTT, who later became the first Mayor of Weston in 1937 was lodging at No 7.  Francis Henry HORSTMANN (known as Henry HORSTMANN) was living at No 9 the same year.  He came from a family of Watch & Clock Makers who came from Germany and settled in Bath.  Read more about the HORSTMANN Gear Co  It's so easy to get side tracked!!

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