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William Tripp Marshall
published by Pat Hase - 6 days ago.

How much do you already know about William Tripp MARSHALL?  It appears that he was christened at Barton St David on July 30th 1854, the s/o Henry and Harriet MARSHALL nee CLARK.  Henry and Harriet's marriage is on our transcriptions at Shipham Dec 9th 1852 with Henry's father given as Jesse MARSHALL. Interestingly Harriet's sister, Frances Ann CLARK was married on the same day in the same church.
Henry MARSHALL was born in about 1827 in Axbridge, the s/o Jesse MARSHALL and Hannah FISHER who had been married in Axbridge in 1826

Check our transcriptions for more MARSHALL marriages and baptisms.  My husband has a 3 x great grandfather called Jesse MARSHALL who was born in Winscombe in 1777 but I cannot see a connection with your MARSHALL family yet.

February 2024 Newsletter
published by lily39 - 6 days ago.

coming late to the Feb newsletter re one's store of family information, I have the additional problem of 30 years of village information on its history as well as its families. I find resource centres are already saying they are running out of room and cannot offer to take anything. All I can do is every year try to go through what I have and lessen the load if I can and hope someone in the parish will take it over at some stage as a future resource. If the paper stuff goes thank goodness for the amount I have put onto a computer!


Chapel/ Bedminster union/Long Ashton Union
published by Pat Hase - 13 days ago.

I agree with you, Peter.  Looking at our transcriptions of baptisms at Long Ashton Church there are 49 entries between 1843 and 1896 where the abode is given as "Workhouse, Long Ashton"   

February 2024 Newsletter
published by Tina Cooke - 13 days ago.

Thank-you Pat for the time you put into the group 

Chapel/ Bedminster union/Long Ashton Union
published by uphill - 14 days ago.

Bedminster union :My interest - the family concerned were not in the workhouse but were locals who were unable due to illness to get to church at Long Ashton/Flax or Barrow Gurney - their child was christened at the chapel by a local vicar - not sure which one  - I do think  that chapel was consecrated as  the family would have been quite sharp on that .... but  thats why i am trying to find the records.....

As regards your Browns at Wraxall - recommend visit to Taunton to possibly look at other Wraxall records from the parish chest  ?

Best wishes

Chapel/ Bedminster union/Long Ashton Union
published by peter_scott71 - 14 days ago.

I think I have the answer. My grandfather was baptised in Long Ashton church.

So there wouldn't be expected to be a register for any chapel in the workhouse. There was no chapel in the original design. The chapel was built at the expense of William Gibbs of Tyntesfield, which I think indicates that it would have been private and not licensed for any rites of the established church.

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