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November 2021 Newsletter
published by Jenny Towey - 1 months 4 days ago.

Fascinating snippet about digging up wild crocuses, Pat - I knew about schoolchildren collecting conkers in 1917 because they helped make cordite for shells and bullets - but not about crocus corms.  Wonder if there is anything else that was collected (apart from paper and scrap iron) that we don't know about?

Army Lists
published by Brian Airey - 1 months 16 days ago.

We hold the following in book form in our library

Army List 1992   MIL/WD/23

Army List 1995   MIL/WD/22

Army List 2004   MIL/WD/21

If you wish to peruse contact me

Brian Airey

Weston Worthies
published by jenniem - 1 months 26 days ago.

Thanks for this useful information Pat. I have a newspaper cutting from 1861 that tells me the SYNGE bust was once in the Town Hall (assuming WSM town hall) opposite the bust of 'Admiral Blake'? It was presented to the town by Mrs SYNGE. As the painting of SYNGE from this time ended up in the Axbrigde Town Hall, I was hoping the bust too may still survive and be in a local hall. (or church) This bust hold a few "firsts" SYNGE being the 1st town commissioner. It was also one of Charles Summers' "First marble busts". ALSO I have found a reference to a bust of Edward GREGORY another 'Weston Worthy' made by SUMMERS as well. Made in about 1848. Both busts once were in the town hall. I guess I am looking for some local knowledge on what may have happened to both works. or a contact to help explore further. Thanks for any help.

Weston Worthies
published by Pat Hase - 1 months 28 days ago.

According to a booklet published for an exhibition of the life of Charles SUMMERS in Sept 1978 held in what was then called the Woodspring Museum (now Weston Museum) - there are only three busts in the Museum collection.

  • Joseph EDGAR, a Weston Solicitor
  • Edward SMYTH-PIGOTT, Examiner of Plays
  • John Hugh SMYTH-PIGOTT, Brockley & Weston.

Although the bust of Francis H SYNGE is mentioned in the booklet no location is listed. It was shown at the Royal Academy in 1849.

Weston Worthies
published by jenniem - 1 months 29 days ago.
Hello, The marble bust of Francis Hutchinson SYNGE made by Charles Summers in 1849, which is mentioned in Weston Worthy 38. Francis H SYNGE. Does anybody know if it is still in existence, and if so, where?

Army Lists
published by Sandra D - 2 months 2 days ago.

Many Thanks for that information Pat will check out those resources.

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