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Journal Articles

This is a list of the more notable articles that have appeared in particular Buckets & Spades journals.

Journal DateJournal Article
November, 2016'We Don't Talk about Him'
June, 2016A Teenager in Weston-super-Mare
June, 2016Holy Trinity Church, Weston-super-Mare
February, 2016LAURA BUILDINGS, off Regent Street, Weston-super-Mare.
February, 2016Charles Frederick WARRE 1887- 1970
November, 2015Found in the Axbridge Workhouse - George Toutt
November, 2015Norville Notes
June, 2015War Time Wedding in Weston
June, 2015Samuel Norville 1777-1854. Another Weston Worthy?
February, 2015Dairies - At Your Doorstep
February, 2015Weston-super-Mare Electricity Sypply
February, 2015Simon Palmer - Another Weston Worthy?
November, 2014Evacuees to Weston
November, 2014My Ancestors were Warreners
November, 2014Weston-super-Mare in Postcards - Madeira Cove Part Two
November, 2014Ralph Ernest COOKE - RAMC Pt No. 1834
June, 2014Oliver Frank FIELD, 178 Tunnelling Company
June, 2014Ashcombe House, Red Cross Hospital, Weston-super-Mare, 1914-1918
June, 2014William Charles Payne (1897-1974)
June, 2014Private Frank Lake Fisher

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