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Confused of Knowsley
published by zumrob on Wed, 31/01/2024 - 15:46

I'm not exactly asking for a solution to this - just an opinion would be good. Twice in as many weeks I have come across a child given the same name as another to the same parents. No -  I'm not that daft - I know that parents used to gave the same name to a previous child who had died but in these instances the first child was very much alive and kicking.

First one - Lionel SMITH b 6 Jun 1908 in Brixton to Leonard William & Hilda SMITH. Then Lionel Arthur SMITH b 7 Jul 1912 in Bromley, Kent to Leonard William & Emma Jane Hilda Sarah (signed Hilda) SMITH. In 1911 Lionel SMITH is living with his grandparents in Oxfordshire - in 1921 he is now called Lionel John CLARKE - still living with grandparents. Meanwhile Lionel Arthur SMITH is living with the rest of his siblings in London with the aforementioned Leonard William & Emma Jane Hilda Sarah CLARKE.

Second one - Alfred Harry BOWN b 1868 in Chard to Alfred & Emma BOWN, then Alfred Edwin BOWN b 1880 in Bridgwater to Alfred & Emma BOWN. Both appear on the same 1881 census record for Alfred (called Albert for some reason) and Emma BOWN in Bridgwater.

It is the first (& second!) time I have come across this - has any else had anything similar?



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Submitted by Les Martels on Fri, 02/02/2024 - 12:59

In the case of the duplicate Alfred Bown forenames, have you looked for baptisms to see if they are both baptised as Alfred and not one of them Albert.  It is quite a common combination to make a mistake on.

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