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published by Pat Hase on Sun, 04/02/2024 - 18:53

Request received from John Lamb a member from Huntspill

In one of John Bailey's Mercury articles he covered the village of Huntspill and related the story of a Miss ROGERS of Hunstspill Court who died of a broken heart after her fiancee, a seafaring Captain was drowned at sea.  She was, so the story goes, buried in her wedding dress which was adorned with all her jewellery - so her grave was covered by an extremely large stone to prevent any disturbance or possible theft.  In Mr Bailey's 1960 article he stated that the large stone could still be seen at that time. 

This incident has been repeated in at least one subsequent publication but any facts to confirm it are hard to come by: e.g. there are no relevant burials recorded in the Parish Registers (the ROGERS were at the Court around the 1830s) and no one, myself included, can recall the stone being there.  Are there any family historians interested in the ROGERS from this area, please, who may have any information on this event?

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