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Milton Road Cemetery Digital Map?
published by sunray on Sun, 17/02/2019 - 8:27

Just wondering if there is a digital map of the graves at Milton Road cemetery?

I'm looking to find the exact location in the cemetery of a grave site.

I found the grave site details via your Milton Road Cemetery records on your website

Unfortunately it is an unmarked grave with no head stone but is listed as being in the Tc section, Grave No. 1824

I have an old picture taken in 1951 of a child standing in front of the unmarked grave if that helps.

Grave site details -

Book 44
Page 43
Graham Geoffrey SHIELD
Infant child of Winifred Gladys Shield
8 Oriel Terrace, Lower Church Road, Weston Super Mare
13 Jan 1947
J E S Harrison
Tc 1824 Yes

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Comments ..

Submitted by Graham Payne on Sun, 17/02/2019 - 9:14

I have a copy of the burial plans for the Milton Road Cemetery. I will send you a copy of the burial plan for Tc which will help you locate the grave you are looking for.

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Submitted by sunray on Mon, 18/02/2019 - 8:57

Thanks Graham.

Id love to find out if there was a birth or death notice in the local paper?

A coronial inquest was held into his death also.

If anyone is going down the local library and could search the Weston Mercury on microfiche that would be brilliant.

Relevant details below -

Graham Geoffrey SHIELD

Born 20th October 1946 in Weston Super Mare

Died 7th January 1947 in Weston Super Mare

Coronial Inquest 10th January 1947 by the coroner for the Northern Division of Somerset

Buried at Milton Road Cemetery 13th January 1947 (Plot Tc 1824)


Many thanks for the Milton Road Cemetery database and the Cemetery map.


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Submitted by Bill Caple on Wed, 27/02/2019 - 17:37

Today I found the the coroners report in the paper, I will send it to you.

Bill Caple

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