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Hewish and Puxton Harvest Festival Committee 1927
published by zumrob on Sat, 11/06/2022 - 10:24

This photo appeared in the Western Daily Press Fri, Sep 7 1927 in an article entitled "Hewish and Puxton Harvest Festival". 

My Great Grandfather must be on this photo somewhere - otherwise my Nan would not have kept it.

In the article the Hewish & Puxton Committee for 1927 were named as (and I have expanded who I think they were)

Rev EJR Lutley (President)  - Edward James Reece LUTLEY born abt 1882 (Oake, Somerset), died 1969 (Devon)

Rev W Haines (Vice-President)  - Walter Charles HAINES born 1862 (Oxford), died 1947 (Weston)

Mr G Frost (Vice-President)  - Gilbert FROST (Farmer) b 1865 Puxton, died 1928 (Congresbury)

Mr J Tripp (Vice-President)  - John TRIPP (Farmer) b 1872 (Worle), died 1942 (Hewish)

Mr WH Redding (Chairman)  - Walter Hudson REDDING (Dairy Farmer) b 1886 (Wedmore)  d 1961 (Hewish) 

Mr PG Edwards (Vice-Chair)  - Percy George EDWARDS (Dairy Farmer) b 1887 (Kewstoke) d 1974 (Worle)

Mr WA Bell (Treasurer)  - William Alfred BELL (School Teacher) b 1882 (Stonehouse, Devon) d 1957 (Weston)

Mr H Nichols (Hon Sec) - Harry NICHOLS (Platelayer, GWR) b 1879 (Congresbury) d 1931 (Weston)

Mr A E Wreford (Hon Sec) - Albert Edward WREFORD (baker) b 1902 (Rolstone) died 1975 (Somerset)

What I don't know is if the 9 senior members of the committee named are the 9 pictured at the front of the picture (but I suspect that they are).

I think I have identified:

1) Rev EJR Lutley - centre 2nd row from front (the dog collar was a bit of a giveaway)

2) Rev W Haines - presumably to Rev Lutley's right (he looks the oldest)

3) Mr WH Redding - a picture from Ancestry would suggest he was the man to Rev Lutley's left

4) Mr Gilbert Frost - a family photo (again from Ancestry) would suggest he was to Mr Redding's left.

5) Mr A Wreford - much younger than the others - on the left in front row.

I have not got a photo of my Great Grandfather, Harry Nichols - he was killed in a collision with a motor bike 4 years after this photo was taken. I always thought it was the chap sitting to the right of the 2nd row (as we look at it) but I suspect now that this could be the School Teacher Mr Bell. 

So now I think my g/grandad is on the right at the front of the picture.

Hope that you can help - potentially a lot of people could have one relative in the photo.

Many Thanks

Rob Clarke (b Weston-s-Mare), now residing in Liverpool

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Comments ..

Submitted by Pat Hase on Sun, 12/06/2022 - 12:55

I admire your research to put names to the faces in this photograph, especially the matching with photos found elsewhere online.  At a quick glance I would agree with your conclusions.

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Submitted by Kate Osmond on Tue, 14/06/2022 - 6:19

I agree that 4. could be Gilbert Frost (1865-1928). The man to his left looks very much like his son, Gilbert Edward Hurley Frost (1893-1973).

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Submitted by zumrob on Tue, 14/06/2022 - 8:06

Thank you for that - I looked Gilbert E H FROST up on Ancestry and that photo of him at the wedding looks very similar - is the chap in my photo too old though? Think my theory of the committee being the front 9 might be under threat though - there are too many old 'uns to match the names I found so far

Unknown Gilbert Edward Hurley FROST

I was originally drawn to this his fellow - my g/grandad Harry was also a cricketer - and this chap seems to have the look of a sportsman - but he seems differently dressed to the others - did you notice the shoes? Not he shoes of a GWR man - farmer? That's why I originally thought that he might be the school teacher - unless the school teacher is the stern looking man over on the left!

Every time I look at these photos though - they seem to be the same man. 

Kate, do you know when that wedding photo on Ancestry was taken?

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Submitted by Kate Osmond on Tue, 14/06/2022 - 9:12

Agree with you re: theory under threat. There are two men with walking sticks and two old men sitting on the bench - I think that age / disability dictated the positions in the photo rather than committee status.

It seems that Gilbert E H Frost was a very dapper chap despite being a farmer. I think the photo below is from about 1930 (aged 37ish). I don't know the date of the wedding photo on Ancestry but the fashions look late 50s / early 60s - so he is probably in his late 60s.

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Submitted by uphill on Tue, 14/06/2022 - 19:00

Percy George Edwards the Vice Chairman is as you look at photo the man with trilby hat  in his hand.

The tall man next to Percy G.Edwards I believe is Mr.Osmond of Pear Tree Farm,Rolstone.

Clifford Cook  6th along with Cigarette in his mouth & hand on man’s shoulder in row below him.

Mr.W.H.Redding of The Grange Hewish is the man sat next to the Vicar.

The tall man on the end of row to the left of photo could be Daniel Gill Clark of Villa Farm,Hewish.

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Submitted by zumrob on Tue, 14/06/2022 - 20:52

Thanks to Uphill we now know that my original hypothesis was flawed - however we are making good progress with the names.

I have numbered a copy of the photo to help keep track:

Names so far

3) Gilbert Edward Hurley FROST
4) Gilbert FROST
5) Walter Hudson REDDING 
6) Rev Edward James Reece LUTLEY (vicar of Hewish)
7) Rev Walter Charles HAINES (vicar of Puxton)
12) Ernest Harry JONES
14) Harry FrancesJONES ??
16) Sidney J THAYER (1889-1948 ) South Farm, Puxton 
17) Herbert THAYER (1887-1957)
19) James BAILEY
20) Percy George EDWARDS
21) Cecil Stanley EDWARDS
22) Bertram Albert OSMOND (1887-1971) (see below)
23) John James EDWARDS
25) Clifford James COOK
29) Arthur Charles FROST (1896- 1968) see post below from Kate Osmond
30) Ernest James FROST (1894-1973)
31) Daniel Gill CLARK

Other names have been moved to post below:

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Submitted by uphill on Tue, 14/06/2022 - 21:10

That’s really helpful with numbers to identify the names.I have found an old photo of Cricket match possibly at Hewish as Rev.Lutley is seated with the players.one name of great interest is Harry Nichols!Listed as Number 7 .it is a photo copy of a copy & appears very dark.The other men in photo are some that appear in the Hewish Harvest Home photo,namely:

Percy Edwards ,Clifford  Cook & Rev Lutley with Harry Nichols.Harry Nichols is the man with the long white coat .


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Submitted by zumrob on Tue, 14/06/2022 - 21:26

Amazing. I have looked long and hard for any information on the cricket club but to no avail. If you have anything else I would love to see it. Shame that Harry is difficult to make out - he really is a man of mystery.

This clock sits on my Dad's mantelpiece in Baytree Road. The inscription reads

"Presented to the Hon Sec of the Hewish CC Mr H Nichols by fellow members 1923"

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Submitted by Kate Osmond on Fri, 17/06/2022 - 20:14

Hi Uphill - Do you know the name of the man sitting to Rev Lutley's left in the cricket photo? I think he could be no.19 in the newspaper photo. I'd be interested to know who he is. Is there an index for the cricket photo you can give us. Thanks, Kate

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Submitted by uphill on Mon, 20/06/2022 - 16:07

Hello- no index for photo . Did not know name of no 19 in photo- but agree it does look like Bailey.

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Submitted by zumrob on Sat, 25/06/2022 - 19:20

No 12 - Ernest Harry JONES

So could No 14 be his father - Harry Frances JONES - not sure he looks old enough!


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Submitted by zumrob on Tue, 14/06/2022 - 21:30

Here is the whole article. As well as the committee mentioned earlier Clifford Cook also gets a mention.

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Submitted by Kate Osmond on Fri, 17/06/2022 - 2:28

Re: Mr Osmond. I think this might be Bertram Albert Osmond (1887-1971) who farmed at Plum Tree Farm, West Wick. His sister, Millicent, was married to Percy G Edwards. There is a picture of him on Ancestry but as a much older man. Harder to compare the photos this time but I think it probably is him.

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Submitted by zumrob on Fri, 17/06/2022 - 16:13

When Uphill mentioned Mr Osmond - I thought that you might have some input!

There is definitely a resemblance there. I have edited the earlier comment (with the committee all numbered) to include his name in.



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Submitted by Kate Osmond on Sat, 18/06/2022 - 12:03

Hi Rob – Got another suggestion for you. I think 30 and 29 could be Gilbert Frost’s other two sons. On the left is Ernest James Frost (1894-1973) – matches teenage photo well. I think his brother, Arthur Charles Frost (1896- 1968) of Willow Farm, Puxton, is standing next to him although harder to say for sure from the photo comparison.

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Submitted by zumrob on Sat, 18/06/2022 - 13:28

I do see it Kate - my only concern is that  I think is that Gilbert EH looks a lot older than these two than the 2 and 4 years older than he should be! But it does look so much like him - it must be him surely!

On another tack a JJ Edwards that was treasurer in 1923 could be John James Edwards who was a farmer in Kewstoke. He was married to Ethel May OSMOND - is she one of yours? 

This is the only other photo I have which we presume is Harry NICHOLS. He was only 5 ft 4 according to his army records we think that it is him. You can see my problem though!

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Submitted by Kate Osmond on Wed, 22/06/2022 - 1:15

Ethel May Osmond (1883-1968) was Bertram Albert Osmond’s older sister. She married John James Edwards who was the older brother of Percy George Edwards. Percy then married her younger sister, Millicent Emily Osmond.

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Submitted by zumrob on Sun, 19/06/2022 - 13:37

Here is a whole load of names of those mentioned to have been involved in the Hewish & Puxton Harvest Home in the 5-6 years around 1927. I have tried to work out who they are - but how many of them are in the 1927 photo I would not like to hazard a guess.

  • EJR Lutley Edward James Reece LUTLEY 1882-1969 Vicar of Hewish   President 1927 (& other years)
  • Rev W Haines Walter Charles HAINES 1862-1947 Vicar of Puxton Vice President 1927 + others
  • G Frost Gilbert FROST 1865-1928 Farmer, Puxton Vice President 1927, Chairman 1923
  • J Tripp John TRIPP 1872-1942 Farmer, Hewish Vice President 1927, Chairman 1925
  • WH Redding Walter Hudson REDDING 1886-1961 Dairy Farmer Chairman 1927
  • PG Edwards Percy George EDWARDS 1887-1974 Laurel Farm, Worle Vice-Chairman 1926-1927, 1932-33
  • WA Bell William Alfred BELL 1882-1957   School Teacher Treasurer 1927
  • H Nichols Harry NICHOLS 1879-1931   Platelayer, GWR Joint Hon Sec 1927-1930
  • A E Wreford Albert Edward WREFORD 1902-1975 Baker Joint Hon Sec 1927-1930
  • CJ Cook Clifford John COOK 1895-1973 Villa Farm, Hewish Vice President 1929, Committee 1927, 1932-33 
  • Albert Champion Albert Joseph CHAMPION 1855-1931 Chestnut Farm, Hewish Committee pre-1926
  • JJ Edwards John James EDWARDS 1877-1956 Farmer, Wick St Lawrence Treasurer 1923
  • J Bailey James BAILEY 1874-1949 Signalman, GWR Hon Sec 1921-24, Comm 1922, 1933
  • EH Jones Ernest Harry JONES  1889-1975 Palmers Elm Farm Vice Chair 1924, Treasurer 1932
  • BN Emerson Bertram Neil EMERSON 1883-1951 Maysgreen Farm, Hewish Joint Hon Sec 1929-33
  • S J Gadd Stanley James GADD 1910-1996 Puxton (WH Redding's br-in-law) Joint Hon Sec 1931-33
  • H Jones Harry Frances JONES 1860-1945 Farmer, Puxton President 1932, Vice Pres 1933
  • E Britton Ernest AHW BRITTON 1885-1970 Briarwood, Hewish Committee Member 1932-33
  • DG Clark Daniel Gill CLARK 1856-1935 Villa Farm, Hewish Committee Member 1932-33
  • G Clark George CLARK 1854-1939 Farmer, Rolstone Committee Member 1932-33
  • AJ Cox Arthur John COX 1888-1962 Labourer, Hewish Committee Member 1932
  • R Champion Richard CHAMPION 1887-1950 The Farm, Hewish Committee Member 1932-33
  • M Fear Metford Lee FEAR 1872-1955 Farmer, Rolstone Committee Member 1932-33
  • G Fear Gilbert Lee FEAR 1870-1941 Farmer, Nye, Hewish Committee Member 1932-33
  • EJ Frost Ernest James FROST 1895-1973 Farmer, Hewish Committee Member 1932-33
  • H Frost Herbert FROST 1863-1947 Barton Farm, Winscombe Committee 1932 (son Herbert Harden FROST mentioned in 1936)
  • JH Davies Joseph Henry DAVIES 1864-1934 JP, Dyvenor House Committee Member 1932-33
  • EJ Hancock Ernest John HANCOCK? Committee Member 1932-33
  • J Hicks John HICKS 1874 Rhyne Foreman Committee Member 1932
  • FJ Hewlett Francis James HEWLETT 1875-1935 Laurel Farm, Rolstone Committee Member 1932
  • HT Jones Harold Theopolis JONES 1898-1941 Elms Farm Committee Member 1932-33
  • Jack Wreford John Scoble WREFORD 1899-1963 Rolstone Committee Member 1932-33
  • FG King Frank Godfrey KING 1890-1953 Dairy Farmer, Rolstone Committee Member 1932-33
  • C Palmer Edward Colston PALMER 1871 Farmer, Puxton Committee Member 1932-33
  • VR Porter Victor Reginald PORTER 1897-1966 Farmer, Hewish Committee Member 1932
  • H Stephens Herbert William STEPHENS 1897-1983 Rolstone Farm, Hewish Committee Member 1932-33
  • Ernest George NEATH 1900-1956 Committee 1931

Plus the following were mentioned as Committee members in 1933

HW Williams
S Thayer Sidney J THAYER 1889-1948of South Farm, Puxton
WJ Tripp
T Clark
A Hurley Arthur William HURLEY 1894-1948 Court Farm, Puxton
S Hurley Samuel HURLEY 1890-1960 Court Farm, Puxton
C Harding
F Plaister Francis Robert PLAISTER 1898-1962  Waywick Farm, Hewish
W Say
S Osmond Ernest Samuel OSMOND 1898-1983 Heathgate Fm, Hewish. 
A Palmer
WA Osmond William Arthur OSMOND 1886-1969 Heathgate Fm, Hewish
S Williams
LG Raines
A Frost Arthur Charles FROST
J Cox
G Poulson
EG Hobbs

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Submitted by Kate Osmond on Wed, 22/06/2022 - 4:11

These are the 1933 committee members that I can identify from my tree - S. Thayer - Most likely to be Sidney J Thayer (1889-1948) of South Farm, Puxton. Possibly no. 17?

A and S Hurley - Arthur William Hurley (1894-1948) and Samuel Hurley (1890-1960) - brothers who farmed at Court Farm, Puxton (their sister, Alice, was married to Ernest Frost).

F Plaister – Francis Robert Plaister (1898-1962) of Waywick Farm, Hewish (his older sister, Sarah, was married to Bertram Osmond)

WA and S Osmond – Brothers - William Arthur Osmond (1886-1969) and Ernest Samuel Osmond (1898-1983)- known as Samuel  - of Heathgate Farm, Hewish.

A Frost – Most likely to be Arthur Charles Frost (brother of Ernest)

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Submitted by zumrob on Wed, 22/06/2022 - 9:41

Hi Kate

I think that No. 16 looks more like Sidney THAYER - it's the hair - see other photo above.

But I also think that 16 and 17 look like brothers. Could No 17 then be Ernest J THAYER? and then with your other idea of family staying together the chap next to him could be Albert CHAMPION (18) - Ernest's father-in-law.

Albert is also standing next to James BAILEY - both long term members of the committee.



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Submitted by Kate Osmond on Thu, 23/06/2022 - 20:24

Snap! I thought 16 and 17 looked like brothers too. However, I don’t think it is Ernest Thayer. I think it’s Sidney’s older brother, Herbert Thayer 1887-1957. Reason – after Ernest married Susan Champion in 1923, they moved to Hill Farm, Clutton (near Bath). Their first child, Benjamin, was born there in 1926. Sidney and Herbert remained in Puxton running “Thayer Bros. – farmers”. If 18 is Albert Champion, he is standing next to the brothers of his son-in-law…but is also close to an actual son-in-law – Gilbert EH Frost. Gilbert was married to Susan’s older sister, Eleanor. Oh dear – everyone seems to be related to everyone else! Nevertheless, think 18 is a reasonable call for Albert Champion …all we need now is a comparison photo.

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Submitted by zumrob on Wed, 22/06/2022 - 11:56

Just as an aside... Assuming you have seen this before,,,

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Submitted by Kate Osmond on Thu, 23/06/2022 - 21:03

Brilliant. Thanks, Rob. I’ve got a very bad, blurred copy of this photo but never knew the source. Funnily enough, I’ve got the very similar looking book – Weston-super-Mare in Old Photographs by Sharon Poole. The “Around” makes all the difference! Albert Osmond of Appleton Farm, Wick St. Lawrence was my 2x great granduncle. One of his younger brothers, Arthur Osmond of Heathgate Farm, Hewish, was my 2x great grandfather.

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Submitted by zumrob on Sun, 26/06/2022 - 10:13

Do you want to see if I can get a better scan of it? 

May be worth contacting Sharon Poole herself.

Have just spotted in the introduction to the book a photo of some chaps cutting down a tree. One of them is Colston PALMER - one of the names on my list to investigate. He is away in the distance though but I don't think he is in the Committee photo.

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Submitted by zumrob on Sun, 19/06/2022 - 16:31

No 19 - James BAILEY

If there was ever any doubt about identifying the vicar - here is is again.

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Submitted by zumrob on Sun, 19/06/2022 - 17:00

26) John James EDWARDS?

(The one on the left)

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Submitted by Kate Osmond on Wed, 22/06/2022 - 2:52

I can see why you have picked No.26 but I think No.23 is more likely for JJ Edwards. A dark moustache is the only clear feature that can be established from the picture of him with his heifer. I think 23 has a moustache. Also, if him, he is standing near to his brother-in-law, Bertram, and brother, Percy (people tend to stand near friends in group photos). There is a resemblance between 23 and Percy George Edwards which suggests that they could be brothers. I would even argue, from looks alone, that 21 is from the Edwards family too – possibly their younger brother, Cecil Stanley Edwards.

All speculation, Rob - but enjoying the puzzle!  

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Submitted by zumrob on Wed, 22/06/2022 - 9:08

Think that is a good call Kate. I have found another photo of JJ Edwards.

from 1939 at the Wick St Lawrence Harvest Home.

He does look like No. 26 but could easily be No. 23.

As for Cecil Stanley EDWARDS - cannot find any mention of him connected to the Hewish Harvest Home - however he was heavily involved in the Wick St Lawrence one (the event was often held on his land) and JJ EDWARDS went on to be chairman of the Wick event so it is not too much a stretch to think that Cecil was also involved in the Hewish version in 1927.

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Submitted by zumrob on Wed, 22/06/2022 - 17:49

Here is another clipping from my Nan's scrapbook. It is about her dad Harry NICHOLS going off to Longmoor Camp to join the Royal Engineers which dates it to Dec 1915.

The first part of the article however refers to the wife of Lt Albert CHAMPION of the Royal Flying Corps who was "somewhere in France". His wife was doing a solo performance at St Annes. She was descibed in the 1911 census as a "Dramatic Student" so could obviously sing a bit. This Albert CHAMPION was the eldest son of Albert Joseph CHAMPION.

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Submitted by uphill on Sun, 03/07/2022 - 18:22


Just read thro the HH thread again - re a photo of your gt grandfather -  he was a GWR Platelayer - have u looked at GWR staff mags - the main GWR staff museum is Steam at Swindon. But before Covid I spent several happy days at the National Rail Museum of York looking thro their copies of the GWR magazine - they were on open shelves then(but maybe check now). Armed with dates of joining/marriage etc etc I did make some interesting finds for my relation. Also there were a variety of GWR clubs/societies to which Harry might have belonged and where photos might have been taken. (NB no name indexes - so can be a slog - but I went thro all the mags and found it interesting - with always a hope of "hitting pay dirt". I mention York - fairly easy train journey from Liverpool  ? - if and when they run !? 

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Submitted by zumrob on Sat, 09/07/2022 - 13:19

Hi uphill

I have been to York - a few years ago now - the kids were more into Thomas the Tank than the GWR. Don't think I looked at any magazines. I did check the indexes at Swindon also a few years ago without much luck but if as you say the magazines were not indexed then I wouldn't have. I will endeavour to try to get there again at some point.

By the way - how to you know that Harry Nichols was listed as No 7 and was in the white coat on that photo - my Dad tells me that he was the scorer for the team - I think he played more in his earlier days.

I was wondering if I should put all the information and some background on all the people we have found into an article for the magazine - in which case I could probably do with some more help -any thoughts?

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Submitted by uphill on Sun, 10/07/2022 - 15:02

Rob, The id on cricket photo is down to notes I made from the original legend and/or what "someone" told me - but all a very long time ago !

You could do article - but they are all mostly farmers and I find if you check npapers etc all u get is info on them at agriculture shows and/or what price they got for cattle at markets ! 2 things -when I read your 1st post dived for book "Schoolboy Servant GWR Apprentice .Memories of Alfred Plumley 1880-1892" Plumley was GWR apprentice and based on Bristol /WSM line - checked for Nichols name - no mention - but they would have been contempories - u might like book - gives "flavour" of the line.

Next Nichols died young played cricket etc - his funeral would have been large/well attended - have you tried Weston Mercury/local press for funeral report - might mention more of his cricket skills ?


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Submitted by zumrob on Sun, 10/07/2022 - 20:32
Thanks, I have got the funeral report - as you suggest it seemed very well attended as he was involved in a lot of clubs & societies


Our Hewish correspondent writes : It is indeed a difficult matter to describe the intensity of the shock occasioned to the whole of the inhabitants of the district by the painfully sudden tragedy which befell that well‑known and popular resident, Mr. Harry Nichols, details concerning whose end are reported in another column. Seldom it ever, has the neighbourhood suffered such a severe blow ‑ a blow that affected all classes of the community alike, and called forth profound sympathy with the bereaved relatives. So closely associated was Mr. Nichols with everybody, in one, or another of the numerous activities of the life of the village, that each and all are bereft of an esteemed friend and companion. For several years he had been a valuable Church worker, and as a sidesman and Church Councillor at St. Anne's Church, worked conscientiously and devotedly, yet in unassuming manner in any matter affecting the welfare of his beloved church. In many other spheres. including local efforts for the Weston Hospital, the former Cricket Club, and the Harvest Home, he had become an indispensable coadjutor, and, for the past few years, had officiated as one of the Joint Hon. Secretaries for the latter function. Further afield, his genuine sporting qualities were much appreciated by his fellow members at the Unionist Club, and the Working Men's Club and Institute at Weston-super-Mare, and his marked abilities at skittles made him a, popular and valued member of the G.W.R. Social and Educational Union team of players.

Mr. Nichols was employed as sub‑ganger on the Hewish section of the G.W.R., and during. the War served in France with the Railway Section of the Royal Engineers. He was also a member of the Congresbury Branch of the British Legion. ‑ The funeral took place on Wednesday afternoon, when the remains were interred by the side of his parents and other members of his family, in the old churchyard at St.Saviours, Puxton. From his residence at Hewish through the winding country lane to Puxton the coffin was carried on the shoulders of fernier colleagues of the Engineering and Traffic Departments of the G.W.R., members of the Social and Educational skittle team and the British Legion, and was finally laid to rest by representatives of each section of bearers. viz.. Messrs. R. Gill, J. Poulsom, A. White and J. Bailey.

Numerous sympathising friends accompanied the procession or joined it, amongst whom were Messrs. H. Jones and R. Champion (Churchwardens at 'St. Anne's), Mr. J. Wreford (representing sidesmen). Mrs. Lutley, and Mrs. Westcott (Church Council),.Messrs. W. H. Redding, C. J. Cook, B. N.Emerson, E. Neath, S. Gadd (representing officers and Committee of Harvest Home) Dr Anderson (Banwell), Mr. R. T. Bowden (Working Men’s Club :and Institute), Messrs. C. Edwards (Wick St. Lawrence), H. Green (Congresbury), S Hurley, A. Hurley, Cox, Mr. and Mrs A Hewlett, Miss Ball, Mrs. J. Bailey, Miss Palmer, etc. etc., The church was quite full.

The service was conducted by the Revs. E. .J. R. Lutley (Vicar of St Anne’s and W, C. Haines (Vicar of Puxton). Members of the St. Anne's choir attended and led the singing of Psalm 39. and the hymn "For ever with the Lord.” The lesson was read by the Vicar of Puxton and the committal sentences at the graveside were pronounced by the Vicar of St. Anne’s. The unaccompanied singing of “Abide with Me,” around the open grave, with marked fervour, concluded a very impressive ceremony. The chief mourners were: Mrs. Nichols (widow), Alice and Nellie (daughters), Messrs W_ J. Nichols (brothers), Mr. F Clark (son-in-law), Miss R. Hain (cousin) Mrs. B. Sawtell (brother and sister-in-law), Mr C Hain and Miss G Westlake (cousin), Mr W. Paul (nephew), Mr. F. Clark (senr), Mrs. R Clark, Mr. and Mrs. H. Parker, Mrs Raines. Amongst the very numerous floral tributes, in addition to a floral harp, with string severed, from wife and family, were tributes from: The Vicar, Churchwardens, Sidesmen and Church Council of St Anne’s: The Engineering Dept., G.W.R.; Weston-super-Mare Skittle League; Traffic Department, Puxton and Worle and Hewish G.W.R.; G.W.R. Social and Educational Union: Weston-super-Mare Unionist Club; Hewish Cricket Club: Hewish and Puxton Harvest Home Committee: Weston-super-Mare Working Men’s Club and Institute: Congresbury Branch British Legion. – The funeral arrangements were carried out by Mr. R. T. Day, of Congresbury

I'll look through the papers from some of the clubs etc. Maybe when the Weston Mercury gets digitised beyond 1909 I can find out some more.



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Submitted by uphill on Mon, 11/07/2022 - 16:13

Rob   - Harry really did participate in local life - no wonder there are no details of his cricket skills - he was involved with so much more ! With skittles - I would expect u to find pics of his team in those GWR magazines also in the Weston Mercury - papers always seemed to report skittle matches !

Hope u do manage to find decent photo of him.

Re - old maps- have a look at "Know My Place" - a website of old maps for the West Country . Hope u surviving heat !

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