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Journal Articles

This is a list of the more notable articles that have appeared in particular Buckets & Spades journals.

Journal DateJournal Article
June, 2014Your Country Needs You!
February, 2014Thayer Family from Rodney Stoke
February, 2014They Lived in Weston: More Weston Worthies
February, 2014Weston-super-Mare at War, 1939-1945
February, 2014Weston-super-Mare in Postcards - Madeira Cove - Part One
November, 2013No Hiding Place - 28 March 1944
November, 2013Weston-super-Mare through Postcards - Part Four
November, 2013Gressenhall Workhouse
June, 2013From Parish Records to Countryfile
June, 2013Early Electricity
June, 2013Weston-super-Mare through Postcards - Part Three
February, 2013What a tangled web - under every stone!
February, 2013Memorial in the Church of St John the Baptist, Weston-s-Mare
February, 2013Hundred Years and Hundreds of Players
February, 2013Weston-super-Mare through Postcards - Part Two
November, 2012What Happened to Henry Austin HASE?
November, 2012Weston-super-Mare through Postcards - Part One
November, 2012Sunday School in Gloucester
June, 2012They Lived in Weston-super-Mare; More "Weston Worthies"
June, 201214298 Private H G Yard, Machine Gun Corp

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