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Journal Articles

This is a list of the more notable articles that have appeared in particular Buckets & Spades journals.

Journal DateJournal Article
February, 2010National Identity Cards
November, 2009Links with Australia?
November, 2009Suicide Mystery Solved by Local Newspapers
June, 2009The Watts Family
June, 2009Weston in the Forties
February, 2009From 19th Century Newspapers
February, 2009Weston Connections - 2
February, 2009It Started with a Photograph!!
February, 2009Gunning's Shop at Worle.
November, 2008The Baton - A Family Heirloom without a Family!
November, 2008Weston Connections.
November, 2008Emma Binding - A Nineteenth century unmarried mum!
June, 2008The Black Sheep of the Family
June, 2008Weston’s Oldest Native Passes
June, 2008Parishes of North Somerset
February, 2008Burrington Coombe
February, 2008The Hiles Family of Blagdon, Somerset
February, 2008Men of Mark in Australia - 1889
February, 2008Winscombe Sketches of Rural Life and Scenery amongst the Mendip Hills
November, 2007The Stevens Essay

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