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Journal Articles

This is a list of the more notable articles that have appeared in particular Buckets & Spades journals.

Journal DateJournal Article
November, 2011The Catholic Church in Weston - Part 2 - Our Lady of Lourdes
November, 2011School Days at Bourneville Estate, Weston-super-Mare
June, 2011Was It Murder?
June, 2011Are My Family Linked to Salt Lake City, USA?
June, 2011Who Was Leicester Gataker?
February, 2011Postmen of Nailsea
February, 2011Quarrymen in the Town Quarry, Weston-super-Mare
February, 2011All Because of a Photograph
November, 2010Its all in a Name!
November, 2010Unexpected Encounters
June, 2010Ethel Mary Duffett
June, 2010Isaac Counsell 1746-1831
June, 2010Webbington House, Loxton
February, 2010They Lived in Weston-super-Mare: The Burge Family.
February, 2010National Identity Cards
February, 2010Never Give Up the Search!
February, 2010Smallbrook Farm, Ryde, IOW
November, 2009Suicide Mystery Solved by Local Newspapers
November, 2009Links with Australia?
June, 2009Weston in the Forties

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