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Journal Articles

This is a list of the more notable articles that have appeared in particular Buckets & Spades journals.

Journal DateJournal Article
February, 2012190636 Gunner Lee Evans
February, 2012My Family & Jack the Ripper
November, 2011They Lived in Weston - More Weston Worthies
November, 2011The Catholic Church in Weston - Part 1 - St Joseph
November, 2011The Catholic Church in Weston - Part 2 - Our Lady of Lourdes
November, 2011School Days at Bourneville Estate, Weston-super-Mare
June, 2011Are My Family Linked to Salt Lake City, USA?
June, 2011Who Was Leicester Gataker?
June, 2011Was It Murder?
February, 2011All Because of a Photograph
February, 2011Quarrymen in the Town Quarry, Weston-super-Mare
February, 2011Postmen of Nailsea
November, 2010Unexpected Encounters
November, 2010Its all in a Name!
June, 2010Ethel Mary Duffett
June, 2010Isaac Counsell 1746-1831
June, 2010Webbington House, Loxton
February, 2010Never Give Up the Search!
February, 2010They Lived in Weston-super-Mare: The Burge Family.
February, 2010National Identity Cards

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