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Oldmixon Aircraft Factory
published by John Harding on Fri, 20/07/2018 - 1:18

I've been putting together a file about my mother's time at the Oldmixon Aircraft factory during WW2 - I have photos of her and the 'bulkhead team' who were responsible for elecrical wiring of the Beaufighters. I've been unable to upload them to this site - perhaps because of my hopeless computer skills! - but would be happy for anyone similarly interested to contact me by email and I'll forward the photos. My mum was Nora Rouch of Uphill - it's the other people in the photos I'd like to identify. And I'm also wondering if there are other photos people may have of the Oldmixon facility and of the people who worked there...

John Harding

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Moorland Road, Weston-super-Mare
published by Pat Hase on Fri, 06/07/2018 - 23:22

I have received this from member John Harding email address but at the moment the web site is not accepting the photographs

Does anyone remember The Moorland Pedlar - 87 Moorland Road (Wools, Art, Needlework and Library!) - I used to have a photograph of their marvellous sign that hung outside the business - lost of course - they were a few doors up from where my grandfather traded at No35 - John Harding Outfitter - photo available!

The firms to which he is referring were operating in about 1949.  Moorland Road has changed so much over the years that I'm sure the John (who lives in Australia) would be interested in any information you can supply, either to him or added as a comment to this query.


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Seeking information on Richard Jenkins born 1814 in Yatton
published by Robert J Jenkins on Mon, 02/07/2018 - 7:46
I am a descendant of Richard Jenkins who emigrated to Australia in 1841, seeking any info about relatives who may be in the area. Planning a visit to UK In May next year; can share the Australian side of things.
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Burnham and Highbridge directories.
published by PJPhillips75 on Mon, 25/06/2018 - 18:51


Can anybody advise me the best place to look for Burnham and Highbridge phone/Street directories 1940s/1950s and 1960s please. A number of years ago I can remember finding my grandparents old address and phone number but for the life of me I can't remember where. Thanks.


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Anstice Terrace wsm
published by Eddie Prest on Sun, 24/06/2018 - 14:26

Hi. I cannot find Anstice Terrace in wsm where one of my relatives used to live at no:2. I have an inkling that it has gone and now forms part of Alexandra Parade, as the old Foresters pub is mentioned in my research and somebody moved to Alma Street - which was close by.

Any help would be much appreciated- thanks

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Jackway/Jakeway BASTARDY BONDS
published by Julie Jakeway on Sun, 17/06/2018 - 14:46

Is there anyway I might access bastardy records for Winscombe?

I have a [iii]Hugh Jackway who died in 1833 aged 77, suggesting that he was born approximately 1755. I have a [i]Hugh and Ann Jackway married in 1731 with children Jane, John, Rose, Hannah and [ii]Hugh.

I am beginning to wonder whether the [iii]Hugh who died in 1833 (and was presumably born approximately 1755), might have been the illegitimate son of Jane (daughter of [i]Hugh and Ann Jackway). Jane also had an illegitimate daughter: Jane Bartlet Jakeways in 1766, who died and was buried in Banwell in 1767. Jane died in 1777 and was also buried in Banwell.

Whilst it's possible that [iii]Hugh was the youngest son of [i]Hugh and Ann, I have been unable to find his baptism, hence why I am exploring the possibility that he is the illegitimate son of Jane (daughter of [i]Hugh and Ann Jackway).


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