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Help with a death Certificate
published by David Hockey on Tue, 12/07/2022 - 22:11

I am trying to make sense of the attached death certificate for John Hockey in respect of his cause of death. It appears that he lived for 3 months after an event, but I am unable to make out what it was. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. 

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Is it Wonderstone or Understone at Bleadon?
published by Pat Hase on Fri, 08/07/2022 - 23:17

Looking at the censuses for Bleadon I notice that the address for some people can be Wonderstone or Understone, depending on the census. I assume that this is the Wonderstone that we know today.  Does anyone know whether it was ever known as Understone or is this a case of the enumerator writing down what they thought they heard?  

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Cabbies declare war on their rivals the trams
published by msgrant256@btinternet.com on Sat, 02/07/2022 - 18:57

There was an article published in the Weston Mercury relating  to when trams first introduced to Weston. My grandfather Launie  Marshall was one of the first Inspectors. It is quite an interesting article. I have saved a copy but don’t know how to forward it if anyone is interested.

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Cannington Draycott area
published by msgrant256@btinternet.com on Fri, 01/07/2022 - 9:31

The Surname for Draycott is Durbin, Cannington Caswill, Farthing 

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Draycott, cannington areas
published by msgrant256@btinternet.com on Thu, 30/06/2022 - 10:54

I am trying to find  help with these 2 areas. Although my paternal side is Weston my maternal  side is more South Somerset, of course we were all So reset once 

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Hewish and Puxton Harvest Festival Committee 1927
published by zumrob on Sat, 11/06/2022 - 10:24

This photo appeared in the Western Daily Press Fri, Sep 7 1927 in an article entitled "Hewish and Puxton Harvest Festival". 

My Great Grandfather must be on this photo somewhere - otherwise my Nan would not have kept it.

In the article the Hewish & Puxton Committee for 1927 were named as (and I have expanded who I think they were)

Rev EJR Lutley (President)  - Edward James Reece LUTLEY born abt 1882 (Oake, Somerset), died 1969 (Devon)

Rev W Haines (Vice-President)  - Walter Charles HAINES born 1862 (Oxford), died 1947 (Weston)

Mr G Frost (Vice-President)  - Gilbert FROST (Farmer) b 1865 Puxton, died 1928 (Congresbury)

Mr J Tripp (Vice-President)  - John TRIPP (Farmer) b 1872 (Worle), died 1942 (Hewish)

Mr WH Redding (Chairman)  - Walter Hudson REDDING (Dairy Farmer) b 1886 (Wedmore)  d 1961 (Hewish) 

Mr PG Edwards (Vice-Chair)  - Percy George EDWARDS (Dairy Farmer) b 1887 (Kewstoke) d 1974 (Worle)

Mr WA Bell (Treasurer)  - William Alfred BELL (School Teacher) b 1882 (Stonehouse, Devon) d 1957 (Weston)

Mr H Nichols (Hon Sec) - Harry NICHOLS (Platelayer, GWR) b 1879 (Congresbury) d 1931 (Weston)

Mr A E Wreford (Hon Sec) - Albert Edward WREFORD (baker) b 1902 (Rolstone) died 1975 (Somerset)

What I don't know is if the 9 senior members of the committee named are the 9 pictured at the front of the picture (but I suspect that they are).

I think I have identified:

1) Rev EJR Lutley - centre 2nd row from front (the dog collar was a bit of a giveaway)

2) Rev W Haines - presumably to Rev Lutley's right (he looks the oldest)

3) Mr WH Redding - a picture from Ancestry would suggest he was the man to Rev Lutley's left

4) Mr Gilbert Frost - a family photo (again from Ancestry) would suggest he was to Mr Redding's left.

5) Mr A Wreford - much younger than the others - on the left in front row.

I have not got a photo of my Great Grandfather, Harry Nichols - he was killed in a collision with a motor bike 4 years after this photo was taken. I always thought it was the chap sitting to the right of the 2nd row (as we look at it) but I suspect now that this could be the School Teacher Mr Bell. 

So now I think my g/grandad is on the right at the front of the picture.

Hope that you can help - potentially a lot of people could have one relative in the photo.

Many Thanks

Rob Clarke (b Weston-s-Mare), now residing in Liverpool

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