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Richard George CHINN - WW2 Casualty
published by Pat Hase on Sat, 21/10/2023 - 0:37

Richard CHINN died at 189 Moorland Road and was described as the husband of Ellen CHINN.  Helen Clara CHINN died at the same time and was described as the daughter of Ellen CHINN.  I have not found a marriage of Richard CHINN to an Ellen.  However in 1885 Richard CHINN married a Mary SCRIBBINS and variants of SCRIBBINS are given as the mothers maiden name of three girls born with the surname CHINN between 1886 and 1901. 

In 1901 and 1911 the three girls are listed with Ellen as their mother, but in 1911 Amelia Lucy Ann SEBBRING (SCRIBBINS?) is living there described as mother-in-law.  However, in 1921 there is a Helen Clara CHINN living with a Richard ( with a different age) and Mary CHINN in Bristol but described as his cousin, but also there is Louisa SCRIBBINS as sister-in-law to Richard.  Were Ellen and Mary the same person or were there two Richard CHINNs?  Please help me untangle this family!

Ellen CHINN died in 1928

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Why Hungary?
published by Brian & Pam Airey on Mon, 18/09/2023 - 10:15

John SHAW, an humble joiner born in Cantsfield, Lancashire in 1835 married Mary Eleanor JOPLIN in 1869 in West Derby, Lancashire. He does not appear in 1871 census and by 1881 he is back in Liverpool area with Mary E and a child Charles Joseph aged 11 years born Hungary. Also resident with him is his brother in law Joseph JOPLIN, who is in the wine and spirit trade. Joseph is in 1861 census but, also like John, not in 1871. So did they all go to Hungary for Joseph to buy wine? Travel must have been difficult as France & Germany were at war. Presumably they would have travelled by train, but how would John with pregnant wife afford to travel that far.

Any thoughts please.


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Making things easier
published by zumrob on Sat, 02/09/2023 - 15:53

I have been doing this research thingy for a while now – and suddenly over the last couple of months things got rather easier for 2 reasons.

(I have added the reasons as the first two comments as I am unable to add more than one picture on the first post).

Cheers, Rob

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William Tripp Marshall
published by msgrant256@btinternet.com on Sun, 20/08/2023 - 12:49

 My great grandfather was William Tripp Marshall born in 1854 apin Barton St David Somerset. I wondered if there is anyone else looking at this family. I would love to know his occupation etc. 

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Henry HASE or HARSE or HEIS or HEASE or HEARSE or HAST etc.
published by Pat Hase on Wed, 16/08/2023 - 15:20

Henry HASE or HEASE married Selina HARES in Shipham June 21st 1846 and they had a son whose birth was given as at Cheddar on his  birth registration as Henry HARSE s/o Henry & Selina formerly HARES as 26th Oct 1846.  This Henry was with his parents Henry & Selina (also known as Hester!) HEASE in Yatton in 1851.  In May 1852 a 5 year old Henry HEIS was buried in Emanuel Churchyard in Weston.  I cannot find a death registration for this Henry. 

Selina died in 1856 and Henry HAST [sic] married again to Mary Ann NICHOLLS.

In 1861 Henry and Mary Ann can be found in Alma Street, Weston-super-Mare with an 8-year-od son called Henry born in Weston-super-Mare, presumably a son of Henry & Selina  I can find neither birth registration nor baptism for this Henry.   HELP!!!   

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THAYER Family Story
published by Brian & Pam Airey on Sat, 05/08/2023 - 12:33

In 1901 census Maud Emily THAYER was a ladies maid with the COLES family in Binegar. There were 2 sons of an age to father a child!(See below)

1907 shows her in a family photograph in Rodney Stoke.

In 1911 census she was in Brean in the house of Jesse Hawkings as a houseworker.

In 1912 she emigrated to America to join her brother Henry  in Auburn, NY state. 

The family story is that she had a child and aged 4yrs left him at home.

In the 1911 censuses for the family there does not appear any child born around the possible time frame. GRO shows no child with mother's maiden name THAYER, nor any child named COLES with no mother's maiden name  in the time frame or area.

Is this just a family story?

Pam & Brian


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