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Weston-super-Mare & Kewstoke Association 1808
published by Pat Hase on Tue, 18/02/2020 - 14:24

The following has been brought to my notice as there are several surnames mentioned of who (as they describe themselves) are principal inhabitants of weston and Kewstoke.  Do any of them appear in your family tree?

Bristol Mirror - Saturday 13 February 1808


For the prevention of Depredations etc. and for the Prosecution of Offenders. We, the principal Inhabitants of the United Parishes of  Weston-super-Mare, and Kewstoke, have entered into an Association for the Protection of our Properties from Depredation, and for the Detection, Apprehension, and Prosecution of Offenders against the same.— And have resolved to prosecute all such offenders to the utmost rigour of the law, and to use our utmost endeavours to discover-and bring strict justice all Persons who shall commit any Offence against our respective properties. We have appointed Mr. James Parker, jun. Solicitor, Axbridge, Secretary the Association.


KEWSTOKE. William HALL, John GOULD, Joseph SHEPPARD, Benjamin HUNT, Martha CAPELL, John KNOWLES, Henry FRY. John TWITT, Thomas HARDWICK, John READ, Arthur BISHOP, Samuel DAY, Joseph MANNING, Henry VOWLES. -  February 10th, 1808.

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Samuel NICHOLS married Wedmore 1798
published by Pat Hase on Sat, 15/02/2020 - 0:35

The above named Samuel NICHOLS or NICHOLLS is my husband's 3 x great grandfather and he married Rebecca DYER at St Mary's Church Wedmore on the 26th April 1798.   I think he died in 1843, aged 68; his wife Rebecca having died just a month earlier, aged 73. But who were Samuel's parents? I'd appreciate any suggestions.

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Two weddings in November 1943
published by RosieW on Wed, 12/02/2020 - 15:26

Further to my previous post above regarding two funerals mentioned in the 1945 Clevedon Mercury, I then turned my attention to the reporting of my paternal grandfather's funeral in November l943.  Again I have an original page from the paper, and again a little ragged around the edges!  

There are two weddings mentioned on the pages I have, which may help someone with their researches.  I would mention that the reporting of these weddings (as with the funerals before) are in the 'old style' we used to see in the newspapers, in that they give full accounts of the bride's dress, veil, flowers, plus the bridesmaids and what the respective mothers' wore. 

If these names ring any bells do contact me and I will pass on the details to you.  The weddings are:

PTE W.C. Wakefield and Miss M Bibbing, which took place at Clevedon Parish Church.  

It would appear that both PTE Wakefield and his best man, Sgt Adam Stark, had been prisoners of war together.

Also the wedding was attended by Lord and Lady Teignmouth (who also acted as witnesses)  

The second wedding is:

Dennis Fredk Sansum and Margaret May Morris - both of Clevedon. 

The account is lengthy, even telling us they went to Ilfracombe for their honeymoon and the fact that (even though it was war time) they received over 50 presents!  

As I say above, if they are of interest to you, do let me know.  




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published by RosieW on Sun, 09/02/2020 - 14:29

Not so much a query, more I have information which might help someone.

I have the original page of the Clevedon Mercury newspaper featuring my maternal grandfather's funeral details - it is dated 2 June 1945. It is a little worn around the edges now (like me!) but still very readable. 

Whilst looking at the page the other day I noticed there were two other funeral details featured there. 

One was for ALFRED MARK DYER of 17 Council House, Claverham who died aged 48.

The second is for ERNEST ARTHUR (TOM) PALLENT of 169 Old Street, Clevedon - apparently he used to work at Hales Cake Factory, Clevedon. 

Just wondering if these names mean anything to anyone.  If so, there is a whole list of relatives which might help someone. 


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Burial Plot Map for Milton Road Cemetery
published by gricharduk on Fri, 17/01/2020 - 11:01

Good Morning,

I have a couple of family members interred in Milton Road Cemetery. I know the plot numbers (from the very helpful transcripts on this site): In short, how do I go about finding where in the cemetery they are interred so I can visit their graves? I noticed a general area map on the cemetery noticeboard but I cannot work out how to tie the plot numbers to the actual cemetery area. I do know they are both buried on consecrated ground. Lastly, did anything ever come of this Digital Map of Milton Road Cemetery project?

Thank you very much for any help or advice,


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Alma Marie BREGEON
published by joan sparke on Fri, 03/01/2020 - 14:44

Alma Marie BREGEON died in  WSM on 22 Sept 1977 aged 88. I have accessed the Red

Cross web-site , Anyone with more knowledge? Where would I look for an obituary.

The lady was related to my husband and we have a good photo of her.

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