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Civilian War Graves - Weston Cemetery
published by Pat Hase on Sun, 13/12/2015 - 18:01

A memorial to the Casualties of the Weston-super-Mare Blitz has been erected on the Civilian War Graves Plot in Weston Cemetery.  An invitation is extended to all members of the Family History Society to attend a short dedication of the Memorial at 2.00pm on January 7th 2016 which will take place at the Civilian War Graves Plot in the Cemetery and will mark the 75 years since the first blitz on Weston.

The Memorial includes a plan of the graves indicating where individuals were buried. I'm including a link to the data  on the Memorial, much of which was taken from our work on Weston Cemetery.   If you have any connection with those mentioned on the Memorial please can you let ne know if you will be attending.

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Submitted by on Sun, 13/12/2015 - 20:14

 As some of you will already know, I am a volunteer for the War Graves Commission photographic project.  I was in Milton Cemetery last week and noticed this Map and listing so thought that I should at least photograph it and add it here!  I also have photographs of every one of those grave stones, as we are often asked if we have have any civillian information.  If you would like a copy of them please feel free to contact me.  I know of one family member that would like to attend and will organise for him to contact you directly Pat if that is OK?




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Submitted by Pat Hase on Mon, 14/12/2015 - 21:46

Of course - that's fine.  Regarding your photographs of the grave stones - could we publish them on this site under Milton Road Cemetery?

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Submitted by on Mon, 14/12/2015 - 23:41

Yes Pat,  of course!  I have emailed you to find out how you would like them added .


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Submitted by on Mon, 20/06/2016 - 19:27
At last, it has happened.
I think it was about 1999, when I contacted the Weston Gazzette, to say how frustrated I was on visiting the cemetery, looking for ww2 civilian graves. Only to find the plot overgrown, and the headstones laid flat, to make mowing easier. I contacted the Gazzette, and they ran a story on it, with promises from the council to sort it out.
In 2006 I revisited the site to see nothing had changed. And re contacted both the council, and the Gazzette about it. I hearted nothing back, and had all but given up hope.

Imagine my Suprise today to see, the seed I planted grow to fruition....

I was in the armed forces, when I started looking it all up. And could not be more happy to see it completed.

I'm not from WSM, but the story always meant a lot to me
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