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published by gricharduk - 3 months 1 day ago.

Hi Pat,

How definite is the surname "Jarrett"? I am wondering if this is Joseph Whereat. I *think* he was churchwarden at St John the Baptist and a bookseller in the town. He also founded the public library and the Weston-super-Mare Gazette. Smyth Pigott was also a keen collector of books.


published by gricharduk - 3 months 2 days ago.

Happy New Year to all. Fantastic articles Pat - really excellent work - it has been fascinating reading about their lives. I stumbled across this article on page 5 of the Weston-super-Mare Gazette, and General Advertiser for Saturday 11 May 1907. It reports on the auction of William Henry Beedle's effects (mentioned on the Weston Connections - 2 page) and makes some interesting remarks on the possible origin of the portraits:

"The water colour portraits of Weston worthies (to which reference has previously been made) were not sold. The origin of the series is decidedly interesting. About fifty years ago Mr. Barker, of Bath, one of the well-known artist family — probably Thomas — was sojourning at Weston-super-Mare, and during his visit received a commission from "Old Squire Pigott" the great grandfather of the present Lord of the Manor of Weston, to produce for him portraits of the principal "squatters" on his estate, and when completed each picture was endorsed by the original. When Mr. Smyth Pigott died the portraits passed into the possession the late Mr. Thomas Tutton Knyfton, who was then Lord the Manor of the adjoining parish of Uphill. When he, too, passed away, the pictures were again sold, and became the property of Mr. Beedle."

There is a Wikipedia article on Thomas Barker and his son Thomas Jones Barker (and his uncle for that matter). None of the paintings look like they were painted by either of them - but what do I know! Although it is reported elsewhere that Smyth Pigott was a collector of Thomas Barker's works (the father). Thomas Barker died in 1847, so given the reported timelines, it is more likely to be the son. I think the subsequent provenance is probably accurate but the artist is still in doubt. Smyth Pigott was also a fairly-skilled watercolourist.

I am looking to see if I can find any clues to the identity of Jarrett - I will let you know if I do.


published by Sand - 3 months 3 days ago.
It was interesting to see the name Flower Tripp (1793-1867) who married Samuel Hares as she is my 1st cousin 5x. Their descendants are on my family tree on Ancestry as I have DNA Match linked to them. David Hares and Catherine Amy Pettie are also on the tree. Plus 4 William Hares but have not currently looked at their descendants. My Husband also has Hares Family on his tree, but from Compton Bishop, who emigrated to USA and married into Evans/Masters family in Onondaga, New York.

published by Pat Hase - 3 months 6 days ago.

Now, why didn't I notice that?  Thank you!

published by Jenny Towey - 3 months 8 days ago.

I think the letters in the left hand column of the bapt reg is the capital letter of the surname...

published by Richard Burnham - 3 months 10 days ago.

David Hares' great-grandfather (Samuel Hare[s] 1796-1871, married the delightfully named Flower Tripp) was from Shipham, although David\'s family lived in east Bristol. Auntie Cath returned to Weston after Uncle Dave's death, and died in 1978.

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