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Hewish and Puxton Harvest Festival Committee 1927
published by zumrob - 13 days ago.

Here is the whole article. As well as the committee mentioned earlier Clifford Cook also gets a mention.

Hewish and Puxton Harvest Festival Committee 1927
published by zumrob - 13 days ago.

Amazing. I have looked long and hard for any information on the cricket club but to no avail. If you have anything else I would love to see it. Shame that Harry is difficult to make out - he really is a man of mystery.

This clock sits on my Dad's mantelpiece in Baytree Road. The inscription reads

"Presented to the Hon Sec of the Hewish CC Mr H Nichols by fellow members 1923"

Hewish and Puxton Harvest Festival Committee 1927
published by uphill - 13 days ago.

That’s really helpful with numbers to identify the names.I have found an old photo of Cricket match possibly at Hewish as Rev.Lutley is seated with the players.one name of great interest is Harry Nichols!Listed as Number 7 .it is a photo copy of a copy & appears very dark.The other men in photo are some that appear in the Hewish Harvest Home photo,namely:

Percy Edwards ,Clifford  Cook & Rev Lutley with Harry Nichols.Harry Nichols is the man with the long white coat .


Hewish and Puxton Harvest Festival Committee 1927
published by zumrob - 13 days ago.

Thanks to Uphill we now know that my original hypothesis was flawed - however we are making good progress with the names.

I have numbered a copy of the photo to help keep track:

Names so far

3) Gilbert Edward Hurley FROST
4) Gilbert FROST
5) Walter Hudson REDDING 
6) Rev Edward James Reece LUTLEY (vicar of Hewish)
7) Rev Walter Charles HAINES (vicar of Puxton)
12) Ernest Harry JONES
14) Harry FrancesJONES ??
16) Sidney J THAYER (1889-1948 ) South Farm, Puxton 
17) Herbert THAYER (1887-1957)
19) James BAILEY
20) Percy George EDWARDS
21) Cecil Stanley EDWARDS
22) Bertram Albert OSMOND (1887-1971) (see below)
23) John James EDWARDS
25) Clifford James COOK
29) Arthur Charles FROST (1896- 1968) see post below from Kate Osmond
30) Ernest James FROST (1894-1973)
31) Daniel Gill CLARK

Other names have been moved to post below:

Hewish and Puxton Harvest Festival Committee 1927
published by uphill - 13 days ago.

Percy George Edwards the Vice Chairman is as you look at photo the man with trilby hat  in his hand.

The tall man next to Percy G.Edwards I believe is Mr.Osmond of Pear Tree Farm,Rolstone.

Clifford Cook  6th along with Cigarette in his mouth & hand on man’s shoulder in row below him.

Mr.W.H.Redding of The Grange Hewish is the man sat next to the Vicar.

The tall man on the end of row to the left of photo could be Daniel Gill Clark of Villa Farm,Hewish.

Richard Clapp b 1780
published by Peter Williams - 13 days ago.

Thanks very much to those who have replied to my request for information about Richard Clapp (1780 - ?) I appreciate your interest.

The puzzle of his life after 1814 still needs to be resolved but I thought I’d provide an update of my research and theories to date.

Regarding Richard and Fanny Clapp’s children:

Richard Clapp b 1811 - ?? — I have found a passenger list for the ship Cosmo that sailed from Bristol and arrived in New York on 6 November 1840.  Passengers includes a Richard Clapp and his wife Harriet and their children Isaac, Fanny, Jane, Julia and John.  Their ages as recorded are inline with those expected.

Fanny Clapp b 1813 — died in 1813 in Stone Allerton and buried in Chapel Allerton.

William Clapp b 1814 — died in 1814, buried in Chapel Allerton.

Regarding Richard Clapp (1780 - ?.) — 

Upon the death of his wife Fanny (nee Tucker) in 1814, he would have been left with two children, Charles (1804 - 1885) my 3rd great grandfather, who would have been 10.  And, Richard (1811 - ?) who would have been 3.

There is a marriage record for a Richard Clapp and a Mary Tucker (possibly Fanny’s sister) for 21 November 1814 at St Mary, Redcliffe, Bristol.  The witnesses were Jenny Tucker, possibly Mary’s elder unmarried sister  (1730 - 1760) and James King possibly Richard’s cousin (1791 - 1850) by his aunt Jane Clapp.

The assumption that Richard married his wife’s sister seems reasonable to me at the moment but I would really be interested if anyone can shine some light on this for me.  Also, as I haven’t found any records so far for Richard and his suggested wife Mary so maybe they also went to America.

Hoping for some clues.



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