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Richard Clapp b 1780
published by jacky3 - 6 days ago.

Hi Peter,

I can't remember where I found this, perhaps FreeReg, but it would appear to be a burial record for Fanny Tucker-Clapp:




Chapel Allerton


Parish Church Tr




24 Aug 1814
















Stone Allerton





Regards, Jacky

Hewish and Puxton Harvest Festival Committee 1927
published by uphill - 7 days ago.

Hello- no index for photo . Did not know name of no 19 in photo- but agree it does look like Bailey.

Hewish and Puxton Harvest Festival Committee 1927
published by zumrob - 8 days ago.

26) John James EDWARDS?

(The one on the left)

Hewish and Puxton Harvest Festival Committee 1927
published by zumrob - 8 days ago.

No 19 - James BAILEY

If there was ever any doubt about identifying the vicar - here is is again.

Hewish and Puxton Harvest Festival Committee 1927
published by zumrob - 8 days ago.

Here is a whole load of names of those mentioned to have been involved in the Hewish & Puxton Harvest Home in the 5-6 years around 1927. I have tried to work out who they are - but how many of them are in the 1927 photo I would not like to hazard a guess.

  • EJR Lutley Edward James Reece LUTLEY 1882-1969 Vicar of Hewish   President 1927 (& other years)
  • Rev W Haines Walter Charles HAINES 1862-1947 Vicar of Puxton Vice President 1927 + others
  • G Frost Gilbert FROST 1865-1928 Farmer, Puxton Vice President 1927, Chairman 1923
  • J Tripp John TRIPP 1872-1942 Farmer, Hewish Vice President 1927, Chairman 1925
  • WH Redding Walter Hudson REDDING 1886-1961 Dairy Farmer Chairman 1927
  • PG Edwards Percy George EDWARDS 1887-1974 Laurel Farm, Worle Vice-Chairman 1926-1927, 1932-33
  • WA Bell William Alfred BELL 1882-1957   School Teacher Treasurer 1927
  • H Nichols Harry NICHOLS 1879-1931   Platelayer, GWR Joint Hon Sec 1927-1930
  • A E Wreford Albert Edward WREFORD 1902-1975 Baker Joint Hon Sec 1927-1930
  • CJ Cook Clifford John COOK 1895-1973 Villa Farm, Hewish Vice President 1929, Committee 1927, 1932-33 
  • Albert Champion Albert Joseph CHAMPION 1855-1931 Chestnut Farm, Hewish Committee pre-1926
  • JJ Edwards John James EDWARDS 1877-1956 Farmer, Wick St Lawrence Treasurer 1923
  • J Bailey James BAILEY 1874-1949 Signalman, GWR Hon Sec 1921-24, Comm 1922, 1933
  • EH Jones Ernest Harry JONES  1889-1975 Palmers Elm Farm Vice Chair 1924, Treasurer 1932
  • BN Emerson Bertram Neil EMERSON 1883-1951 Maysgreen Farm, Hewish Joint Hon Sec 1929-33
  • S J Gadd Stanley James GADD 1910-1996 Puxton (WH Redding's br-in-law) Joint Hon Sec 1931-33
  • H Jones Harry Frances JONES 1860-1945 Farmer, Puxton President 1932, Vice Pres 1933
  • E Britton Ernest AHW BRITTON 1885-1970 Briarwood, Hewish Committee Member 1932-33
  • DG Clark Daniel Gill CLARK 1856-1935 Villa Farm, Hewish Committee Member 1932-33
  • G Clark George CLARK 1854-1939 Farmer, Rolstone Committee Member 1932-33
  • AJ Cox Arthur John COX 1888-1962 Labourer, Hewish Committee Member 1932
  • R Champion Richard CHAMPION 1887-1950 The Farm, Hewish Committee Member 1932-33
  • M Fear Metford Lee FEAR 1872-1955 Farmer, Rolstone Committee Member 1932-33
  • G Fear Gilbert Lee FEAR 1870-1941 Farmer, Nye, Hewish Committee Member 1932-33
  • EJ Frost Ernest James FROST 1895-1973 Farmer, Hewish Committee Member 1932-33
  • H Frost Herbert FROST 1863-1947 Barton Farm, Winscombe Committee 1932 (son Herbert Harden FROST mentioned in 1936)
  • JH Davies Joseph Henry DAVIES 1864-1934 JP, Dyvenor House Committee Member 1932-33
  • EJ Hancock Ernest John HANCOCK? Committee Member 1932-33
  • J Hicks John HICKS 1874 Rhyne Foreman Committee Member 1932
  • FJ Hewlett Francis James HEWLETT 1875-1935 Laurel Farm, Rolstone Committee Member 1932
  • HT Jones Harold Theopolis JONES 1898-1941 Elms Farm Committee Member 1932-33
  • Jack Wreford John Scoble WREFORD 1899-1963 Rolstone Committee Member 1932-33
  • FG King Frank Godfrey KING 1890-1953 Dairy Farmer, Rolstone Committee Member 1932-33
  • C Palmer Edward Colston PALMER 1871 Farmer, Puxton Committee Member 1932-33
  • VR Porter Victor Reginald PORTER 1897-1966 Farmer, Hewish Committee Member 1932
  • H Stephens Herbert William STEPHENS 1897-1983 Rolstone Farm, Hewish Committee Member 1932-33
  • Ernest George NEATH 1900-1956 Committee 1931

Plus the following were mentioned as Committee members in 1933

HW Williams
S Thayer Sidney J THAYER 1889-1948of South Farm, Puxton
WJ Tripp
T Clark
A Hurley Arthur William HURLEY 1894-1948 Court Farm, Puxton
S Hurley Samuel HURLEY 1890-1960 Court Farm, Puxton
C Harding
F Plaister Francis Robert PLAISTER 1898-1962  Waywick Farm, Hewish
W Say
S Osmond Ernest Samuel OSMOND 1898-1983 Heathgate Fm, Hewish. 
A Palmer
WA Osmond William Arthur OSMOND 1886-1969 Heathgate Fm, Hewish
S Williams
LG Raines
A Frost Arthur Charles FROST
J Cox
G Poulson
EG Hobbs

Hewish and Puxton Harvest Festival Committee 1927
published by zumrob - 9 days ago.

I do see it Kate - my only concern is that  I think is that Gilbert EH looks a lot older than these two than the 2 and 4 years older than he should be! But it does look so much like him - it must be him surely!

On another tack a JJ Edwards that was treasurer in 1923 could be John James Edwards who was a farmer in Kewstoke. He was married to Ethel May OSMOND - is she one of yours? 

This is the only other photo I have which we presume is Harry NICHOLS. He was only 5 ft 4 according to his army records we think that it is him. You can see my problem though!

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