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April 2024 Newsletter
published by Jenny Towey - 2 months 13 days ago.

Many thanks, Pat, for another information-packed newsletter...

Napoleonic Wars
published by LeedsChris - 2 months 17 days ago.


Thanks for this.  My third great grandfather, Joseph Grenter (1784-1864) fought in the Napoleonic Wars.  He was baptised at Muchelney, Somerset, on 16 May 1784, the son of Joseph and Hannah Grinter (sic). I think I found that between 17 April 1805 and 12 January 1813 he was a private in the 1st Battalion 52nd Regiment of Foot.  His surname was spelled various ways, including Granter.  He served in the Peninsula war in Spain and was discharged following a gunshot wound to the arm near Badajos. [Fortunately his injuries didn't prevent him returning to Somerset to Bleadon, Somerset, where he married Jane Palmer and had 10 children.  He died on 23 April 1864 at Bleadon, age 84 years.  if you do happen to find any information in the document from David Milner, I would be interested to hear of it.

Regards and Best wishes

Chris Martin

Napoleonic Wars
published by Jenny Towey - 2 months 27 days ago.

Thanks, Brian

Tickenham St Quiricus & St Julietta
published by Jenny Towey - 2 months 27 days ago.

Fantastic, Graham, many thanks for all your hard work.

media question
published by zumrob - 2 months 27 days ago.

Sounds like a limit in Picasa. 2048 being 2 to the power of 11. Those sort of numbers 1024, 2048, 4096 etc raise a red flag if you have ever worked in IT.

Picasa was withdrawn in 2016 and it's replacement (Google Photos) only allows 1000 for free.

I am assuming that you have all files in 1 folder. Would possibly suggest that you sort the media files into folders then loading up of a folder should load (a) less the 2048 files and (b) load quicker.

If that does not work can you let me know exactly what you do and I'll try to work it out for you

published by John French - 3 months 12 days ago.
Thanks for that Pat. I spent hours looking at those directories recently and clearly missed that entry!! DUH!!! Will go and have a look first-hand sometime. As for the marriage - it only lasted a few days before he disappeared and committed suicide. I'll email her story to you.

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