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Henry HASE or HARSE or HEIS or HEASE or HEARSE or HAST etc.
published by Les Martels - 3 months 5 days ago.

I too considered Henry HARRIS which could be mistaken for HASE but there is also a Henry HAYNES registered 2/1852 Axbridge but the references are illegible so there is no matching record on GRO Online Indexes that will give the mother's maiden name.

HAYNES and HASE are pretty close phonetically, I think.


Added later:

I know it is a year after the baptism but there are two interesting entries for Dec. 1853.

Henry James HARSE  mmn BOOTH and Henry Charles HARES mmn STOCK.  Is t his a bit of a coincidence or am I just clutching at names to try to help.

September 2023 Newsletter
published by Jenny Towey - 3 months 6 days ago.

...I, too, have an ancestor ( my 4GGM) whose death, in 1844 in Yorkshire, went to the coroner who pronounced that she had died from 'a visitation from God' - but she was 82!  Fortunately I was able to find the coroner's report and see all the witness statements - an interesting and informative document.

As you've found, Pat, where coroners' reports are not available they can usually be found written up in local newspapers.

gmail accounts
published by David Hockey - 3 months 8 days ago.

Peter, I have received an email today saying test 290823, and to let you know if I have received it. Originating address appears genuine, did this originate from you? 

Henry HASE or HARSE or HEIS or HEASE or HEARSE or HAST etc.
published by Pat Hase - 3 months 12 days ago.

Wow, that's great.  It must be him, especially as the other Henry was buried at Emmanuel and everything else fits including father's occupation.  As always, thank you very much. Just shows how a second brain on the job is such a help!  I'm really pleased with this!


Henry HASE or HARSE or HEIS or HEASE or HEARSE or HAST etc.
published by zumrob - 3 months 12 days ago.

Seemed strange that could find all of the other baptisms : Henry - Cheddar (1846), Emily Jane - Yatton (1848), Alfred - Axbridge (1854), John - Axbridge (1856) plus all of the children of Sarah Nicholls but not that of Henry.

But...Registered in Emanuel Church Nov 1852

Cannot find any "Easts" in Weston in 1851 - so this could well be him!

Struggling with the Civil record - though there is a Henry HARRIS 1852 Q4 - mother HARDEN that might come up trumps.

All the best



THAYER Family Story
published by gricharduk - 3 months 13 days ago.

*A highly speculative guess!* I was wondering if Christiana "Christy" Gertrude BROWN (7 February 1898 - 16 April 1983) might be an adoption (from Maud) by Frederick William BROWN and Elizabeth Sophia, née LOXTON? She appears in the 1901 census as a visitor to the COLES household, and in the 1911 census, as a granddaughter of Christiana Martha COLES, formerly LOXTON, née CHARD (see The Flower Family of Chewton Mendip and Emborough by Mike Matthews). She marries a George Herbert GARRETT (an outfitter from Frome) in 1925 and emigrates to New Zealand in December 1955.

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