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June 2022 Newsletter
published by Jenny Towey - 26 days ago.

I was living in Plymouth for the last two jubilees and organised street parties for both occasions.  In 2002 the morning started with a blanket of fog - but all the households still came out and set up their chairs, tables and barbecues - they knew the fog would lift by midday: and it did!  It was a great occasion.  In 2012 it started off ok, albeit grey and cloudy - but then the heavens opened!!!!  We all crowded in to our next door neighbours' large car port and other neighbours dragged over portable gazebos...not much food was eaten as no-one could get to it!!

Richard Clapp b 1780
published by Peter Williams - 27 days ago.

Hi Jim,

Thanks for your reply.


Re: Richard Clapp 1780 - ??

I think the burial record you found is for Richard’s father, also Richard Clapp 1738 - 1827 died at age 89.  Very helpful as I hadn’t found that record.


Re: Fanny Tucker - Clapp 1778 - ??

I agree the burial date of 21 Aug 1814 does seem a possibility and maybe following the birth of William.  Interestingly two infants named William Clapp were buried at Chapel Allerton around that time one on 18 Oct 1814 and the other on 31 Mar 1816.  Not sure if they relate but hopefully it will become clear sometime.


I have also found a record on Freereg for Richard and Fanny’s child Fanny born in 1813 and buried 23 Jun 1813.


The death of Richard Clapp 1780 - ?? Still seems to be a mystery.


Thanks again.




Richard Clapp b 1780
published by Peter Williams - 27 days ago.

Hi Ann

Thanks for your reply.

I have been working along the same lines as your skeleton tree. So, I think we are mostly aligned.  Although, I have picked up a few interesting points from your note.

Thanks for your interest.

Richard Clapp b 1780
published by margaret-amesbury - 27 days ago.

I have skeleton Clapp family tree and believe Richard's father was Richard 1738 who married Mary Dean in 1761 and 'Sarah Ames in 1779. He was a farmer in Chapel Allerton. They had children Joseph 1762, James 1763-1843 who married Mary? (farmer at Lympsham; Jane 1766 who married John Glanville; William 1769 who md Mary? farmer at Allerton; Hannah 1770/4; Robert 1771 Hannah 1776 md Joseph Stickland (all children of Mary Dean. Sarah Ames' children George 1787 (farmer Washbrook md Jane Tucker and Ambrose 1790 (Cooper stone Allerton) who married Mary Strange.



Richard Clapp b 1780
published by james-brimble - 27 days ago.


I have located a burial for a Fanny Clapp on the Freereg website. A Fanny Clapp was buried 24/8/1814 aged 35 years in Chapel Allerton parish church. This age at death would seem to be close to the baptism year of 1778. Perhaps she sadly died in childbirth or shortly afterwards? There is also a burial for a Richard Clapp on 1/12/1827 in the same church - however the age at death is quoted as 89 years, which does not fit your baptism year above. Unless there is an error in transcription? Maybe worth trying to access the parish records?

I hope this helps


Physical Members' Meeting
published by Brian Airey - 1 months 16 days ago.
BT were working in the area and we were without internet for the afternoon. If anyone wishes to hear the speaker his talk will be on this website shortly

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