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published by Brian & Pam Airey - 5 months 1 day ago.

Having read the 34 pages of witness statements I found the last 6 were of Police enquiries surrounding this lady. In precis it confirms her as previously being resident in Wsm where she lived with her brother after her parents death. Her brother inherited  "a small amount of money" from father which he invested in property. Louisa advancing him £100 to avoid a mortgage. She was engaged to a "worthy young man" and the marriage was only postponed until the year of mourning was observed. Unfortunately her young man died during this period. She arrived in Montreal in 1874 as a domestic servant and moved to Ottawa. Her health deteriorated and she entered Protestant Charitable Institution. When her health improved she became a nurse in Toronto then a servant in good families. She became melancholic regarding the death of her brother and sister in law of whom she was very fond. A Mrs Jones from Wsm requested she return home as Mrs Jones wished to alter her will in her favour. However her mental health as well as physical deteriorated, she having been found crying over the photo of her lover. She was known to have purchased tickets for return home but she became weak after not eating well and subsequently died.

Who was the young man. What influence did Mrs Jones have and why?

Any thoughts?

July 2023 Newsletter
published by Jenny Towey - 5 months 4 days ago.

Have you looked for Sally on Facebook, Pat?

You've inspired me to have another try at finding reports of my parents' divorce.  My mum gave me a few bits and pieces (letters and the decree) but I'm interested to see how it would have been portrayed in the press in 1954.

many thanks


Workshop by Zoom
published by Peter de Dulin - 5 months 13 days ago.
Unfortunately, Raye is unable to give us her presentation.Instead we have a fascinating talk by Michael Hallett entitled: "Heroes and Ghosts: How scandal and shame affect genealogy"

St James (Winscombe)
published by Pat Hase - 5 months 22 days ago.

Have you looked at the list of documents pertaining to Winscombe which are at the Somerset Archives?  Apart from the Church Registers there are the Accounts of the Overseers of the Poor which list not only those receiving aid but also the rate payers of the district. https://somerset-cat.swheritage.org.uk/records/D/P/winsc/13 

St James (Winscombe)
published by Julie Jakeway - 5 months 23 days ago.

This is an update on my query earlier this month regarding the BARTLET(T) family's connection with the JAQUES/JACKWAYS/JAKEWAYS family. 

Simeon Somers BARTLET(T) and his wife Mary had three children baptised at St James, Winsccmbe: Frances, Simeon Chouval and Jon, in the years 1753, 1754 and 1756.  My ancestor Jane JAQUES/JAKEWAYS, baptised Winscombe 1732, gave birth to an illegitimate daughter, Jane BARTLET JAKEWAYS in Banwell in 1766.

Simeon Somers BARLET(T) was born in Bristol in 1733 and died in Bristol in 1774.  His connection with Winscombe seems to have been fairly temporary, but it also seems likely the family would have been one of the prominent families of the parish, albeit briefly, and I would like to know if there are any records which show the residents of the parish in the mid-eighteenth century.

Does anyone know of any documents that would provide information relating to Winscombe residents in the mid-eighteenth century?

Any ideas would be most welcome,

Julie Jakeway



June 2023 Newsletter
published by Julie Jakeway - 6 months 0 day ago.

Does anyone know anything of the BARTLET(T) family in Winscombe in the 18th century?  My ancestor Jane JAQUES/JAKEWAY(S), born Winscombe, gave birth to an illegitimate daughter Jane BARTLET JAKEWAY(S) in Banwell in 1766.  This implies to me that the father had the surname BARTLET.

In 1753 Simeon SUMMERS and Mary BARTLET baptised their daughter Frances in Winscombe, and in 1754 and 1756 Simeon and Mary BARTLET baptised two more children in Winscombe, Simeon Chouval and Jon respectively.  Jane JAQUES/JAKEWAY(S) was resident in Winscombe at that time, and I am wondering whether Simeon senior was the father of her child. Sadly, Jane's daughter died as an infant.

Is it possible that Jane was employed by Simeon and Mary in the 1760s?  Was he a local farmer?

Any information about Simeon and Mary BARTLET would be most welcome. 

This is a query, rather than a comment on the June Newsletter - sorry - didn't realise it would go under that heading!


Julie Jakeway

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