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September 2020 Newsletter
published by Pat Hase - 23 days ago.

Very sorry about this. You were not the only one to suffer in this way - it is now being investigated because these messages did not arrive at their intended destination.  Many apologies for this.  

September 2020 Newsletter
published by daveerasmus - 24 days ago.

Great newsletter as always. But I'm a bit perplexed by the statement that nobody replied to the suggestion that the next members meeting be on Zoom. I definitely sent a message (in the affirmative). In fact I remember consulting my 9 year-old granddaughter beforehand to see if she'd be available for technical support if needed!

Dave Erasmus

Creating a Family Tree
published by Lorna Gibson - 25 days ago.

I downloaded Family Tree Builder some years ago and filled it to the limit for free entries. I later subscribed to Family Tree Maker and regretted my first choice. My Heritage constantly opened of it's own accord and still sends me matches and anniversary reminders. It also sends me reminders of another person I connected with, which can be annoying as I have no need of these. I would unsubscribe but for one person with whom I share ancestors and wish to keep linked.

If you don't need links to Ancestry I suggest you look at Family Historian which I like, but haven't had time to really get to know.

September 2020 Newsletter
published by Lorna Gibson - 25 days ago.

Thanks once again, Pat, for your informative and inspiring update. I look forward to it every month.


September 2020 Newsletter
published by rockerjt9 - 25 days ago.

I was going to say "so sorry about your DNA family's prisoner" - but then, hey ho, it could just be that he is refusing to pay his TV licence on a matter of principle and got involved in a physical fracas with the arresting officer...  As you say, it adds 'colour' to your family history.

I've ordered Janet Few's book but it's not arrived yet.

Re the chap wondering which site is best for creating a family tree: I disagree about using Ancestry - it's so easy to email an invitation to view your tree to other members of the family AND as you enter information it will offer hints on your ancestors that you might not find in a month of Sundays...

Thanks again, Pat, for an informative newsletter.

Mervyn Hugh Ernest THOMAS
published by rockerjt9 - 25 days ago.

...is Garnet a family name?  Never come across that before...

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