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Buckets & Spades March 2021
published by pamela-vowles - 14 days ago.
Thanks Pat re the daylight bombing in Bristol, which you helped me. My father had a shop there - after being bombed out from Lower Castle Street - and I always understood that a customer had just gone out from the shop and was killed. I knew there were a lot of buses but did not know why. So glad you did not go shopping! Think father must have been lucky to have survived WW1, Bristol 1940 and this. Hope zoom works for me on 15th, but enjoyed you on History - one day meet up again for \'book\' club!!

April 2021 Newsletter
published by Pat Hase - 17 days ago.

Thank you, Julie, Yes, I had come across the JACKWAY family at No 15.  Because the house numbers changed in about 1908/9 - I am having some difficulty in working out how the present day numbers compare with the older ones.  Do you have any evidence of exactly where in the street No 15 was?  Was it on the site of the Museum?

April 2021 Newsletter
published by Julie Jakeway - 20 days ago.

A message for Pat Hase:  

I'm looking forward to this month's Zoom members' meeting on the topic of Burlington Street!  My Jackway family lived at No.15 Burlington Street late 1870s to early 1890s.  You may be interested to know that my journal article about John Hugh Jackway is with Sue Maguire for publication later in the year.


Julie Jakeway

April 2021 Newsletter
published by Jenny Towey - 21 days ago.

If members have changed their email addresses - and don't know how to change them - then let me know and I will change it for them


Zoom Members' Meeting
published by Paul Tracey - 1 months 1 day ago.

Reply posted by suzannerowley:

Hello - No I haven't signed up, I thought you just clicked on the link, so my fault = I will try again next month - thanks for your help - Suzanne

Zoom Members' Meeting
published by Pat Hase - 1 months 3 days ago.

So sorry that you could not join us last evening. I am not sure what caused your problem and as you say you clicked the link you must have received the email with the details of how to join. Several members did not receive that email because they had not informed the society of a change of email address or it was in their spam folder.

Have you signed up for Zoom? It is quite free and can be found on https://zoom.us/signup  

Did you try copying and pasting the link into your Address Bar?

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