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Elizabeth (Betty) PARKER nee SALVIDGE, 1781-1868 and her mother Sarah TUTTON (d1784)
published by LeedsChris - 2 months 7 days ago.

Pat, I've looked at the will of Samuel Tutton that you referred me to.  It IS very long (I wonder if the lawyers were paid by the word!).  I have managed to read about 95% of the words.  If anything the will makes things even more complicated.  I know from the Bleadon burial records that Samuel Tutton was buried on 29 March 1771 and that would be only a month after he had prepared the will and its two codicils.  I also know that his wife, Mary, had been buried at Bleadon on 6 April 1769.  That squares with the content of the will in which Samuel asks to be buried in the vault in which she is already buried. I also know from the Bleadon baptisms that I can't see any children from Samuel and Mary.  Maybe this explains why the beneficiaries of the will are not obviously his children (and I agree with you, this applies to Sarah too - I can't see that she is his daughter.....).  Incidentally his will is peppered with annuities for widows and other people's wives - not sure what to make of that!  I can see reference to James Savage in the will (who should be my ancestor) and the need for him to adopt the Tutton surname and I know from the Bleadon Parish Register and will that he was indeed Samuel Tutton's executor.  However, I am confused because I have James married to Sarah Tutton... but oddly this can't be the same Sarah Tutton as mentioned in Samuel Tutton's will because the will refers to that Sarah as being 'of Wrington' and not Bleadon....All this is very complicated and maybe there are other contemporary James Salvidges/Salvages and Sarah Tuttons that I have mixed up.  Just to add another level of complexity I see reference to a Samuel Parker of Bleadon in the Will and I am also descended from one Samuel Parker of Bleadon..... I need some strong coffee!!!!

published by Jenny Towey - 2 months 8 days ago.

...a complex character indeed!

Curtis family
published by Pat Hase - 2 months 11 days ago.

My first port of call, if you have not already done so, would be the Somerset Heritage Centre searching for "Weston-super-Mare Gas".  However, at first glance I can't see any employee records.  I would contact them with your query.  Tel: 01823 278805 Email: somersetarchives@swheritage.org.uk  In more normal times when the North Somerset Archivist is able to visit Weston Library they can bring documents to Weston if you can not get to Taunton.

The National Archives catalogue has a collection of records including some of the Somerset Archives ones.

I noticed that some early records had been removed from the Somerset Archives to the National Gas Archive  It might be worth contacting them to see if they can help.  email:  archive@nationalgrid.com 

Let us know how you get on.

Hamilton Villa, South Road
published by Eddie Prest - 2 months 13 days ago.

Thank you Richard. This is really useful information as not only does it show Harriet as a widow still living there 7 years after husbands death, it also notes Alexander, one of the brothers operating as a butcher in West Street (something I already knew).

Hamilton Villa, South Road
published by Eddie Prest - 2 months 13 days ago.

Thank you Bill. This is the correct property.

Hamilton Villa, South Road
published by Eddie Prest - 2 months 13 days ago.

Thank you Pat. Yes that’s the correct house highlighted.

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