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published by Pat Hase - 1 months 1 day ago.
Is that the George HORSINGTON who married Rebecca BARNES in Hutton in 1747? See our transcriptions.

published by Robin Iles - 1 months 1 day ago.
I am a descendent of William and Hannah Gould, through their son William and grand-daughter Ellen. I have a photocopy of William\'s Will of 1822 in which he leaves his fishing rights at Bearn Back [sic], along with\'all my Nets, Rods and Fishing Materials thereto belonging\' to his son William. John Gould of Milton, brother of the elder William is named a trustee in the Will. John himself died in 1826. I have seen Brian Austen\'s index of WSM land tax assessment, and it does seem from this that land passes from Joseph Gould to William Gould in 1796 at Joseph\'s death. John Gould also had land in Weston from 1792, from his new wife Hannah Light. So it seems likely that William and John are sons of Joseph, but it would be great to find their baptisms! There is another John Gould, who like Joseph marries in Worle just four years later than Joseph, and lives in Kewstoke, dying there in 1762, possibly a brother of Joseph?

published by Y 10750 - 1 months 2 days ago.


I am seeking any information, additional to the parish records, about the George Horsingtons who were living in the parish of St Nicholas, Uphill in the 18th century.

Thank you.

published by PeterCardiff - 1 months 2 days ago.
Many thanks, Pat, and also Brian. This is very interesting. I have approached Honey L-J on Ancestry.co.uk, as you suggested, and await a reply from her about why, in the apparent absence of a baptism record for this William Gould, she believes (according to her public tree) that Joseph Gould (1732-96) and Susannah Gould (née Light) were his parents. The logic may be that because the population of W-s-M in the mid-18th century was fewer than 100 people and as Joseph and William were the named parents of various Gould boys and girls who were baptised in W-s-M at that time, then they must surely also have been the parents of William Gould! I have also sought a copy of William\'s will (proven in 1822) which may give some details about his siblings.\r\n\r\nI saw my friend, John Gould, yesterday to present my research so far and he was overjoyed. He and his sister will be coming to meet me next week so I can answer any questions they have as they know nothing about the fantastic hobby of genealogy. I haven\'t told them that I will have more information to give them - thanks to you! - including a photo of the picture of William\'s wife, Hannah.\r\n\r\nPeter

published by Pat Hase - 1 months 4 days ago.
During the Free Help Session at Weston Library yesterday one of the volunteers found a family tree for William GOULD 1757-1822 amongst Brian Austin\'s Family Trees. It suggests that because William GOULD was the occupier of land between 1800-1813 which had previously been occupied by Joseph GOULD that there might be a relationship there. Brian also suggests that this might have been a Joseph GOULD of Kewstoke who died abt 1796.

published by Pat Hase - 1 months 5 days ago.

My error - William GOULD is not included in the Weston Worthies - he died before they were painted - but he is mentioned in Ernest Baker\'s Historical Notes about the Village of Weston published in 1928. Ernest interviewed elderly residents in the late 19th c and recorded their memories. Apparently, William GOULD had a wooden leg and kept geese which he plucked alive to sell the feathers. The original Weston Worthies (40 paintings) belong to Weston Museum but are currently at the Somerset Archives in Taunton.  His wife Hannah GOULD is a Weston Worthy.


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