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The CLARK Dynasty of Weston
published by PHClark - 1 months 21 days ago.

Thanks Pat, you're right about both dates!  David John's death was 1968. I thought I got jessie's date from FreeBMD but I'll check again.    

The CLARK Dynasty of Weston
published by Pat Hase - 1 months 21 days ago.

A couple of queries - the first is probably a typo - Did David John really live to be 107 or is this his probate in 1968?

If you look at the marriages on this site for Emmanuel you will find the marriage of Amelia Melinda CLARK and could this be her probate?   This is a slightly different date for her death than you have.

Did Jessie marry Sidney ROE?  If so, you will find her burial in Milton Road Cemetery on our site in 1968 - perhaps that is also a typo - 3s,5s, & 8s are notorious for this. Check with FreeBMD.  Hope this is helpful - the picture is such a fantastic part of your family history, thanks for naming them all.

The CLARK Dynasty of Weston
published by PHClark - 1 months 22 days ago.

Clark Picture

Standing from Left.
David John (1881-1988), Amelia Melinda (Milly) (1882-1948), Jim (Douglas) (1891-1949), Cecil (1880-), Percy (1885-) Jessie (1876-1965), Ernest (1886-1966),

Seated from Left.

Blanche (1883-), Harry (1878-), Constance May (1875-), Herbert H. (Bert) (1873-1950),  Mary Ann (Dolly) (1889-1980)

The CLARK Dynasty of Weston
published by Pat Hase - 1 months 22 days ago.

I have been sent this by a member of the CLARK family.  This accompanied the published photograph.

‘Family Reunion
‘The return home on holiday from South Africa of Mr. H.H. (Bert) Clark, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Charles Clark, formerly of St. James Street, resulted in an interesting reunion with his six bothers and five sisters. All the brothers had been prominently associated with the local swimming club.

‘After having a group photograph taken, the Clark family – augmented by wives and children to a total of over 30 (no husbands?) – chartered a chars-a-banc to pay a visit of filial affection to Shipham (birthplace of their father) and Priddy (birthplace of their mother).

‘High up on Mendip top the party felt the need for tea and called at a tiny wayside inn. The good wife, learning that the company was so large, temporarily collapsed, but, being resourceful, quickly revived to practical purpose. There was enough food, but the crockery was limited to half a dozen cups and saucers, which had to be used in turn, while the tea was brewed in an eight-gallon milk churn.’

Many thanks for sending this piece of background information.  


The CLARK Dynasty of Weston
published by rockerjt9 - 1 months 22 days ago.

Smashing photo, Pat

August 2020 Newsletter
published by rockerjt9 - 1 months 25 days ago.

re the churchwardens marrying each other...you'd have thought that the transcribers would have realised that something was 'not quite right'...

I was going to watch the U3A Zoom lecture yesterday - but got so engrossed with checking my Ancestry DNA matches (below 9cM) that I completely forgot the time.

I have a marriage certificate free to a good home...William JONES to spinster Catherine EVANS, 17th May 1862, Capel Ebenezer, Mallwyd, Merioneth: this William is a farmer, whose father is named Rowland JONES - also a farmer.  Catherine\'s dad is also a farmer - but named as Rowland EDWARD. 

Wondering if we could offer up our unwanted certificates to everyone else?  (I needed 'my' William to be a painter - not a farmer - got the right cert now...).  I wouldn't mind organising it...

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