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The Great storm
published by pbryant - 1 months 9 days ago.
Glad to see the society is holding a meeting on the Great Storm of 1903. My grandfather Edgar Bryant was drowned in the storm with his body washed up at Tenby. Now in Milton Cemetery.

Two Betsy Keedwells (nee Shepstone)?
published by jt.upton@hotmail.co.uk - 1 months 9 days ago.

James Keedwell (1817-1878) appears to have married two Betsy Shepstones.

The first was a dau. of John Shepstone (and probably Mary Seymour)

"By licence obtained 3 day's earlier. (Somerset Archives Ref:D/P bar.g 2/1/5 4 8) 21-Sep 1841 James KEEDWELL bachelor Yeoman of Barrow son of John Keedwell Yeoman Betsy SHEPSTON fullage spinster Servant of Barrow d of John Shepston Labourer Wits: John Keedwell Hester Hassel."

The second (widow of John Beacham) appears to be a dau of another John Shepstone and Sophia Stowell (John and Sophia emigrated to New England, with other children, before 1840).

I'd be interested in any comments or further info.

I might have got something wrong, but my guess is that Betsy Beacham (nee Shepstone) was a cousin of James Keedwell's first wife Betsy.

John Thompson



published by Holderportbury59 - 1 months 10 days ago.


Betsy Shepston (Betsy Beacham) was my GG grandmother having married James Keedwell at Barrow Gurney church  North Somerset  21st September 1841.  Prior to that she can be found in the 1841 Census aged 20 years living in Flax Bourton she is entered as a servant with James Keedwell aged 70 years as head and James Keedwell aged 20 years.

There are cases in Chancery in connection with the Will of James Keedwell (70) who  the uncle and the legal guardian of James Keedwell  (20) who is my GG grandfather.

The Will makes reference to BestyBeacham Otherwise Shepston being the wife  or of the alleged wife of a John Beachman.

The marriage of Betsy Shepstone to John Beacham took place prior to civil Reg in 1837 and was registered in St Paul's Church Clifton 17.4.1837.

 It would appear by 29.4.1848 Betsy Shepston was a widow and she married James Keedwell at St Pauls Clifton.  Rachel Beacham was born  at Albert Place Bedminster in January 1848. In the 1851 census she is referred to as wife's daughter but by 1861 as daughter to the head James Keedwell.

This is from my own research, I would welcome any further comment.



Shepstone, Shepston, Shepson
published by RaysBoy - 1 months 11 days ago.

Hi John, I have a Phil(l)ip Shepstone (1806 or 1811-1878) married Ann Stock 1829 at Rowberrow. Trade:Limeburner originally at Shipham, later at Sandford Hill Winscombe.  One child, Eliza, married John Chappell, Q4/1864, at Winscombe.  Does this tie in with your Shepstones?


published by daveerasmus - 1 months 12 days ago.

Apologies for not responding before now, but I think I might have finally broken down a brick wall in my tree after c10 years and I've been focussing on that.

The only thing I would add to John's account is that there was a marriage in Bristol on 17 April 1837 of Elizabeth SHEPSTONE to John BEACHAM.

Dave Erasmus

Hello John,
published by john osmond - 1 months 12 days ago.

Hello John,

Betsy Shepston(e) married James Keedwell twice, in 1841 at Barrow Gurney, and then in 1848 at Clifton. James tried to conceal his first marriage from his uncle (also James) from whom James hoped to inherit and who disapproved of the relationship. As part of the deception James and Betsy invented a fictitious husband for her named John Beacham. Their daughter, Rachel, was registered as Rachel Beacham but baptised as Rachel Keedwell. There is a great deal of evidence to support this odd but true story.

Best wishes, John Osmond

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