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published by gricharduk - 2 months 21 days ago.
I am sorry if this is a repeat of information but I was interested in finding out more on Dolly. Mary Jane Lovell’s home and school for twenty blind Palestinian and Armenian orphan girls was established on Windmill Hill in Jerusalem in a house named Barachah and Dolly was was one of her pupils. This is reported as such on page 10 of the Lincolnshire Standard and Boston Guardian, 10 December 1949, when Dolly attended a lunch at Talbot House, Trinity Square, London, to celebrate the centenary of Mary Jane’s birth. It also became a second home to some of the British soldiers stationed close by (that’s where Harry Holdcroft comes into the story) Adele Hanna Dafesh was also a pupil of Mary Jane, at the same time as Dolly, and continued her work from the 1930s onwards - Adele and Dolly knew each other. There is a great article (see link - pp. 33-35) on Mary Jane Lovell in the Lincolnshire Poacher - shorturl.at/guDFS (if should download a PDF). I hope this helps, Richard

published by Richard Burnham - 2 months 22 days ago.
Thanks for the suggestions. I\'m passing information on to Kathy Viney, nee Goulstone, in New Zealand, who is researching both her family history and the story of Armenian refugees who were adopted into families in England (she maintains pages on Wikitree). There are also mission society papers naming Dolly and her friend at the University of Birmingham, so I\'m hoping to go and look at those when it becomes possible to do so.

published by daveerasmus - 2 months 24 days ago.
There are a number of trees on Ancestry. Most show Dollie\'s place of birth as Plymouth. 2 trees show it as Armenia but they are both Private so it is not possible to ascertain what other information is on them without contacting the tree owners.

published by Pat Hase - 2 months 25 days ago.
What a fascinating story! - Is there any chance that her death certificate will show her original name?

Royal Hotel, Weston
published by Honey Langcaster-James - 2 months 25 days ago.

Hi Pat, I'd love to get hold of a copy of that book or read a copy of it at some point. Is it a long book? Or is it possible to photocopy it or anything for research purposes? 


Also, I can't see an image above from the advertisement you mention? 

The Strand Hotel
published by gricharduk - 2 months 25 days ago.

It turns out that the early history of the Strand Hotel was:

1842 - Built to be a hotel and called the Strand Hotel
1851 - The Strand House Academy run as a boarding school by Thomas Warton
After 1861 - The Halfway House Inn run by Mary Maria Carter
1868 - Purchased by the West of England Sanatorium as accommodation for recovering patients

This is by no means complete! I am wondering if we have a separate topic for the Strand/West of England Sanatorium similar to one Pat created on the Royal Hotel, Weston?


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