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Milton Road Cemetery Digital Map?
published by Graham Payne - 4 months 0 day ago.

I have a copy of the burial plans for the Milton Road Cemetery. I will send you a copy of the burial plan for Tc which will help you locate the grave you are looking for.

CURRY Family
published by Pat Hase - 4 months 7 days ago.

Not all of these suggestions will apply to your request but I have found actual birth dates given in some Baptismal Registers, in Non-Conformist records, in a family Bible, on the back of some photographs, in school records, in apprentice records, in some work records eg Railway employees etc., engraved on tomb stones, in newspapers (birth and sometimes death announcements or obits), and on some published family trees!  Be careful of the last one because the baptism date is often entered as the birth date but it is possible that whoever owns that tree may have access to a document which isn't in the public domain and is able to help you.

From our transcriptions you will see that a James CURRY was baptised in Hutton in 1816 which narrows down his birth date.  As the birth of a Sarah Jane CURRY was registered in the Sept qrt 1855 that should narrow her birth to the summer of 1855.

published by Pat Hase - 4 months 9 days ago.

You might want to check this out!  There is a marriage in Eastington of a Sophia SHURMUR to an Edwin VENTON on the 30th Dec 1822.  Sophia VENTON appears on the 1851 census living in Hampshire, aged 58, born in Eastington,  described as an Engineer's wife.  Edwin VENTON, an engineer, is in Stroud in 1851.  They are living together in Trowbridge in 1841 and in Bradford on Avon in 1861

published by HistoryBird - 4 months 9 days ago.

Thanks Dave

I will log into findmypast this weekend

many thanks 

Keith Crane

published by daveerasmus - 4 months 11 days ago.

A Sophia Shermer was baptised at Eastington & Alkerton in Gloucestershire on 15 March 1789. Parents Daniel and Elizabeth. (Source: FamilySearch and Findmypast.) Might be worth a look.

Dave Erasmus

Photograph of Unknown Group
published by DebbieD - 4 months 12 days ago.

I've passed it on to a family member who could possibly be in it if it is late 1940s/ early 1950s.  Will let you know if they remember anything.

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