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Elizabeth (Betty) PARKER nee SALVIDGE, 1781-1868 and her mother Sarah TUTTON (d1784)
published by Pat Hase - 2 months 18 days ago.

I commend you on your thorough research.  I was interested to note that Betty PARKER appears to have been buried on the same day that she died unless there is an error in the Burial Register.  You have her death certificate and the same date is given in a newspaper announcement of her death.  But the burial Register of Weston Cemetery gives the same date for her burial.  Possible but unusual.

I would go along with your reasoning about the parentage of Betty SALVIDGE.  it was not unusual for a child to privately christened at birth and then formally presented to the congregation at a later date.  If, as you say her parents died not long after her birth then it is entirely possible that this second ceremony was overlooked.

I'm not so sure about Betty's mother.  There is a Will of Samuel TUTTON who died in Bleadon in 1771 available on the National Archives which at the moment you can download free of charge.  It is very long and difficult to read but I can see the name James SAVAGE [sic] mentioned several times.  It also includes a statement that James SAVAGE should take the surname TUTTON by Act of Parliament.  As James SALVIDGE died shortly after Samuel TUTTON this is probably why his son took the name TUTTON.  On a quick perusal of the Will I cannot see any mention of a wife or children for Samuel TUTTON -  but as I said the writing is difficult - I hope you will have better luck. Perhaps Sarah TUTTON was his niece?

Do let us know what you can decipher from the Will.  There are several items relating to SALVIDGE in the Somerset Archives, including this one which may be of help to you when they are open again.

Good Luck with your research!

Hamilton Villa, South Road
published by Pat Hase - 2 months 20 days ago.

I know this is not in your time frame but in 1920 Henry BUTT got planning permission to convert Hamilton House at 5 South Road into flats.  As with all his conversions it was then called Hamilton Mansions.  Was this the same house?  If so it was on the north side of South Road and can be found on early maps. Am I correct in thinking it is the house marked in red on this map?

Unfortunately I do not have access at home to a directory for years before 1900 but the censuses do reveal who lived there but yes you can search by address on Findmypast, however, do not put in Weston-super-mare just use South Road and the county Somerset.  I did notice that in 1891 it was called Hamilton Villa and a John COOK was head of the household. You can get an image of the house today - Hamilton Mansions - on google street view.

1841 Census Weston-super-Mare Frederick MARTILL
published by Pat Hase - 2 months 20 days ago.

You are great Dave, thank you so much!  I found a Thomas Smyth UPTON born in Bath in 1830 and knowing that Frederick MARTILL was later employed by John Hugh SMYTH-PIGGOTT, I traced young Thomas back and was delighted to find that  his grandmother was a Florence SMYTH who married a John UPTON.  It all fits beautifully.  Thank you. 

Moorland Road, Weston-super-Mare
published by tonysperrin - 2 months 20 days ago.

I have this photograph of 90 Moorland Road. The shop belonged to a person named Phillips.

1841 Census Weston-super-Mare Frederick MARTILL
published by daveerasmus - 2 months 20 days ago.

Hi Pat

Looks like Florence UPTON, Thomas UPTON, Elizabeth? Stych, Harriet SHORT, Charlotte BALLE, Frederick MARTILL.

Dave Erasmus

Winscombe St James The Great Monumental Inscriptions
published by Pat Hase - 2 months 20 days ago.

Go to Places/Churches - they are available under Winscombe, St James.

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