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Slade family
published by Les Martels - 1 months 14 days ago.

Hi Phil,

It seems that Bill does not visit this site very often as he has not responded to any of the comments in reply to his enquiry of the 9th December.


Shepstone and variants
published by jt.upton@hotmail.co.uk - 1 months 14 days ago.

Hello Dave,

All the sources I have on James and Betsy Keedwell are on my Ancestry.co.uk tree.  James appears to have married two Betsy Shepstones.  One, a spinster and his father's servant by licence in 1841 and the other (widow of Beacham) in Bristol in 1848.  

I supposed that the first Betsy died and he married her widowed relative (perhaps a cousin), but have no evidence other than what is on the tree.  At the second wedding, James is recorded as single, but this may be an error by the celebrant.  

I'd be interested to know if you find anything more about them.

Best Wishes,


Spade Lympsham
published by phil heeks - 1 months 14 days ago.
Hi Bill Out of curiosity where did you get the info that the family your looking for at Lympsham had 22 children & if there were 22 I wonder where the rest were baptised All the very best Phil ps after putting this on I decided to search images of Lympsham parish registers & have put all I can find there on these FHS pages

George H BRYANT - Nailsea
published by Pat Hase - 1 months 15 days ago.

I expect you have seen the couple of trees on Ancestry about this family.  One has incorrectly included an Army Record for a George  BRYANT stating that he died in Burma in 1945.  One has included a second name of Harvey for him - but one seems to have the same information as you have - are you in communication with her? Unless it is you under another name?  It's the  O'Rourke - Ludlow Family Tree run by a "mrsludlow".

You might want to eliminate the George Henry BRYANT (born 1880) who married a Mary Ann ADAMS in Bristol in 1904.  A Mary Ann BRYANT died in 1927 in Bristol, aged 44.   They appear to have had a son called George W BRYANT in 1918 also registered in Bristol. But they also had more than one daughter.

This might be a coincidence but a George W BRYANT married a Joan D E MAXTED (not Margaret) in 1945 in the registration district of Thanet (which includes Ramsgate) and they had a daughter, Susan in 1952. (names similar to those mentioned on the Ancestry tree).  I'm now into the realms of fantasy!!  A lot more checking to do.

published by pbryant - 1 months 15 days ago.
I have been researching my Bryant family for many years. We probably have a common ancestor. My earliest certain ancestor is Issac Bryant (born 1809, died at the work house Long Ashton 1881) who was a blacksmith in Tickenham - south of Nailsea. One of 8 children some called Briant. His possible parents were John Bryant and Sarah Hopkins married 9 May 1791 in Nailsea. I think they worked in coal mining in Nailsea. Hope this is useful. Happy to discuss further. Paul Bryant.

Hi Pat, thank you ever so
published by Bryant Family - 1 months 15 days ago.
Hi Pat, thank you ever so much for your prompt response. Unfortunately I only have limited information from my mum and one photograph. I know that George was definitely widowed when he married Gladys, it appears that they were neighbours before they married (based on the marriage certificate). I don't know George's daughters name all I know is that she died at about 17/18 after falling off her bike just after becoming engaged. My mum cant remember her name as her mother only rarely discussed her. I know George died after 1981 in Ramsgate however I have not been able to determine with any certainty when he died. It is all really frustrating! Thank you again for your help!

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